Geometry ROP



I’m trying to export some particle data out so I can use for a school project. I read througha few tutorials on how to export the data via a Geometry ROP. But when I go to the Output section, I cannot seem to locate the Geometry ROP. I’m using Houdini Apprentice. What am I doing in correctly?



Unfortunately the Geometry ROP is not included in the apprentice version.



Yes the geometry ROP is missing however you can still export geometry. You have two choices, step through the animation and right click on the SOP you want to export at each frame and select “export geometry”. The other option would be to write a script, it should only take a line or two. Maybe later when I get home I’ll post a script that will do it.


I think I’ve seen that script on the odforce or sidefx forums. Try searching there.


Perhaps you could ask your school to buy a couple of educational licenses? Houdini Apprentice is the least “crippled” of all the free versions but there are a couple of useful features that you could be missing out on; such as the GeometryROP.


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