Geometrical calculations : points, lines, planes : intersections, distances, angles


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What about getting an intersection between 2 curves? Is it a matter of checking each step in the segment (as lines)?

Additionally, is there a way to do a fast check on a “spaghetti” of splines to narrow down possible intersections? I looked into some variation of delaunay (at least the radial part) but it’s not really suited.


what curves are you asking about? Bezier? are you looking for a solution for 2D intersection? before my answering the question… why do you need it?


You just made me laugh my heart out. Your function just shows the difference between a guy that knows shit about math (me) and one who does (you) lol



came across this thought it could be useful in this thread. sorry if it’s been linked to before


theres some very useful functions in PFActions_GlobalFunctions.cpp from the SDK can be found in maxsdk\samples\ParticleFlow\Actions.

some of functions include…

float MeshVolume(Mesh* mesh);
bool IsPointInsideMesh(Mesh* mesh, Point3 p);
bool ClosestPointOnMesh(const Point3& toPoint, Mesh* mesh, Point3& worldLocation, Point2& localCoords, int& faceIndex, float& dist2);


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Ok this should be simple but clearly not this afternoon.

  1. if we have a sphere with radius r
  2. N# points evenly distributed across the sphere
  3. What is the average distance between the points?




as a reminder…

just found this useful post from Enrico Gullotti about screen coords, view space, world space :

This helped me understanding how to draw freeform nodes on viewport.
Thanks a lot to him !


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not a geometrical calc but a useful bit of math for export/import writers, posting it because it doesn’t seem to be published anywhere on the web.

converting 3ds max glossiness to specular power

if glossiness in the 0-100 range (mxs)

if glossiness in the 0-1 range (sdk)
in reverse it would be…

if glossiness in the 0-100 range


thought i’d put this one here too, given an array of verts with a structure some thing like

and an array of face indices where there are 3 indices per face the following code will generate Tangents and Binormals


Hi Klvnk,

very interesting functions. As i’m not familiar with geometry data structure, can you please give a usage example ?
How to build a struct vertex for any given mesh ?
I was thinking about that :

- sm = snapshotasmesh (Teapot())
- loop through each vert and get :
    p = meshop.getvert sm v
    n = getnormal sm v
    col = -- vertex color ?
    uvw1 = getTVert sm <tvert_index_integer> -- how to get tvert from current vert ?
- build array of faces indices :
    fi = for f=1 to sm.numfaces collect ((meshop.getVertsUsingFace sm f) as array)
- once i got my vertex array struct, i can call your functions :
ComputeTangents myVertStruct fi

Sorry if i bother with noob question


yep that kind of thing will do it, I’ll start a new thread with an example.

yep that kind of thing will do it, I'll start a new thread with an example.

thanks !


randomize a normal…


simple but was quite tricky to find…

pos is the position of the base of the cone and pnt is the position of the point on the cone, r & h are the radius and height respectively


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I apparently annoyed the wrong people on stackoverflow so perhaps i’ll get more joy here. If I have a plane in the YZ plane and want to project it onto a sphere, what equation do I use for the X axis?


one more modification :wink:

fn rotatePointAroundCenter center dir radius steps:8 debug:false = (

	local tm = (matrixFromNormal dir)
	local p = center+(tm.row1*radius)
	local div = 360/steps
	local points = for i = 0 to (360 - div) by div collect (

		local q = quat i (normalize dir)
		(((p - center ) * q) + center)
	if debug do for p in points do point pos:p dir:dir wirecolor:green
rotatePointAroundCenter $Box011.pos $Box011.dir 20 debug:true