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I did enable my website to work with geo data and geo tracking and present this to the ones (this could be you) who are reading the website. The Geo data shows users visiting for example the location of an post or where an picture was taken. As well visitors of my side can now see from which countries and cities my web site get “traffic” from. So far I like they way this is presented but already starting to brainstorm with some friends how this could be visualized differently. As this community is a great place to discuss visualizations I’m looking forward for replies and suggestions.

When you are on you can find a geoblog and GeoVistor as well every post with a geo position which shows you the post in the geoblog.

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first off all thank you for all the nice Emails) Some of you wonder which location information are shown here is an example This example and a life view on visitors geodata is available on if you want to see more.

Picture shows someone from New York who visited on Sunday the 5th of August.




and the point is ?


Hi mech7,

Most people I talked to are surprised that they are trackable like this and that they when the only browse the INet can be located to that level.




The next pictures show what I call a geoblog. I’m still in the early game on this (this may be old news to some of you).
I started to document a small report on a trip in 2006 in the provence where I linked each post to a go destination. With this location enabled ou can either click on a post to see the the location on the map. When you click “Show on geoblog” the link takes you to the map

On the map you see then the post location. In this case where the picture was taken and where the city Roussillon is located. On the map below you see as well the other locations we did visit during the trip and can see what happend the other days. The trip is marked with the blue-isch line as you can see started in Aix.



wow the geotracking and geodata features are impressive. I did not know that this was possible, I guess these days you no longer anonymous on the Internet .

I really liked the Provence trip and it was easy to follow on the map, I think we will see many new application like the one you use on your site. Great pictures btw.

Now, I need a digital camera that stores geodata…


Hi gfxreader et al,

thanks for the feedback I do see on the “geotracker” and other tools that many from this forum visit my side :wink: well even with out the installed tool an admin can see that. I do receive feedback through mail and when I show the feature to someone. Generally speaking it is “really that is possible”, “but this is only visible because you installed this? No.”, “great way to show such information”, “Nice way to show a trip”, “and the point is ?”.



I was checking your GeoVisitor feature on - Interesting from where StrongMocha get’s accessed. You seem to have fans from all over the world.


Yeah it is amazing where people find out about StrongMocha, I even can see if someone does a scan against my side :wink: and from where it was done…




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