Genghis, Adam +Skutt (3d)


Title: Genghis

Name: Adam +Skutt

Hey all,
This is a prototype character I made for UT about a year ago. For this character I was repsonsible for modeling, texturing and material setup, I had some input on the concept as well. In these renders I’m using tweaked skin and hair shaders, very similar to what we used for the “Meet Mike” demo at Siggraph this year, they were created by Peter Sumanaseni. However, you could get pretty close to this using the photoreal character materials Epic recently released. I’m also using an Area Light blueprint to get the soft shadows, unfortunatly I’m not sure who created that.
Art Direction came from RIck Kohler and Chris Perna.



You have mastered dead eyes my friend;)


overall awsome… great to see whats possible in unreal…

ps: the nose could need some love… :wink:


One of the issues that helped students the most in my classes was changing the thought process from creating art for appreciation, to creating art for approval. Specificly I enjoyed teaching students to work with directors and art directors. This piece was art directed by Chris who I have worked with and he knows what he likes so that nose is perfect;) for many studios you rarely get to go beyond 80%

Not really speaking to your crit as much as sharing with student observing the importance of following art direction and understanding production using this as a great example.


i do art for approval every day… but that does not mean i couldnt sneak in some personal touches…
and i have some weird nose fetisch… :smiley:


Salute. I Am Honored To Be Your Follower And Liker. Cheers Bro


Amazing work!


This IS amazing…so much great work to be seen looking at this…the weathering job is perfect on his body armour…and the face is amazing. thumbs up


excellent too!


Love it!! Great work!


The face and hair looks so real!