Hi everybody! Finaly that’s my entry called Genesis. I’ve tried to keep the idea as clear as possible during my journey to the world of Yerka=) There is the writer’s place to work and there are surrounded him things that are transforming according to the birth of new story. But where’s the writer itself. May be devilfish knows;) Surrealism, you know =)

Respect to all participansts and entries. Hope you’ll like this one :slight_smile: Good luck!


very nice, I really like how clear you made things look, its easy to read.


Oh thanks) And here is the bigger scale image, that’s better one =)


Love this I think you have really hit the mark with this one.


very nice one a few that look like yerka with out copying much elements. good luck…


Very well done.


Thanks guys! Glad you like it :rolleyes: I spent a lot of time trying to catch Yerka’s style and soft colors, and how it looks in his indoor pieces with many interesting small details. I like that Yerka in his still life :arteest: Cheers! :slight_smile:


Very well made. Good luck!


2Lena Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Great concept, spectacular color palette…beautiful work! I love how the books are tumbling down and your use of the antiques. This scene reminds me of my office–oh no! :stuck_out_tongue: Congratulations and good luck!


This one’s great. Love the concept, the plant details, and the brick and book wall peeling away into the sun. I only wish there were some more definition in the rock underbelly of this sky-island. Looks like you may have run out of steam there.
Still, one of my favorites.


Thanks a lot friends =) I’m really glad you like it :rolleyes:


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