Generative stuff


Please look at the link, it show a generative kind of art that I am asked to recreate in c4d. Have anyone here any pointers for a method that works for hirez?
I am trying to get a solution that generates splines or perhaps rows of particles?

TIA, Carl


Hi Carl,

  1. create a linear spline along x, subdivide to taste
  2. drop into cloner, linear mode, animate count up
  3. create a circle spline in ZY
  4. parent cloner in null, add spline wrap to deform cloner to circle spline (rotate banking 90 degrees, spline bounding box on)
  5. add Welter Noise Deformer to add the waviness
  6. sketch & toon or Tools 4D solid spline to make splines visible to renderer.

probably a more elegant solution out there, but does the trick. Starts to chug a little as number of clones grows.



Thanks you very much I will try your solution!


you bet, also don’t forget to set the Spline Wrap to Keep Length. If it’s set to Fit Spline you won’t get the desired result.