General's Portrait, Bruno Jiménez (3D)


Title: General’s Portrait
Name: Bruno Jiménez
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

For this project I wanted to do some research in shading and lighting for a future project.
All details were done with custom alphas and displacement.
The design is based on a drawing I did last year.


haha…nice style dude, awesome as always :slight_smile:


Nice work, the clothing looks really good, especially the fine detail on the gold fabric. The dark blue clothing looks spot on, can even imagine what it would feel like if I touched it!


Brilliant character!

If I had one crit, it would be that the hair line where the beard meets the face looks a little unusual.

I really love his ears! :smiley:


really nice shaders! i think the eyes should have some little white spots as highlights…
Congrats! :thumbsup:


I agree with HocusPocus

The model is nice, but I’m missing reflections and specs in the eyes… I think the eyes are one of the most important things to make a character come to life.

Nice work!


Exellent !!


hahahaha, awesome!! Love it!


Very nice work. Surprised you haven’t yet won an award.
Posted it on my blog.


very nice shaders and lighting!
great charactere
best regards


carlsonwkk: thanks, mate! I love your last project!
SCB: thanks! the golden fabric took me like a couple of days to made it (the shoulders) si it’s nice to have some good feedback :smiley: you can see a high res image if you want to.
AJ: I really love what you do, so it’s really great to have you here. Thanks for the nice comments. This is the first time I do one of my own designs in 3d, so I’m very glad you like it.
About the beard…I don’t know what to say…I think you’re totally right, I don’t know why I didn’t fix that before posting…
HocusPocus, Delcio: I’ll consider that for my next character :wink: thanks!
largil, Milivoj-Lemonade3D, hoodedpython, Coldframe : thanks!!



congratz man!
i loved!


Wonderful! I love the mixture of the painted-wood or whatever he is mixed with the realistic clothing. I agree with the beard comments, it is a little sharp compared to everything else on the face, but not enough to be distracting until someone points it out.

Great work!


Well done Bruno for your award, you really deserve it !
Great picture as always :wink:



amazing work .congratz :applause:


It’s looking amazing man, congratz on your award.


kleber3d, HP, Ecleposs: thanks very much :D!
muckymouse: Thanks mate. I’ll pay more attention next time :banghead:
mathieu! ça va? long time no see. Thanks! i hope to have a drink with you someday :smiley: Tell me if you come to Paris :beer:

I just wanted to thank for the cg choice award!


great work!


Looks very good. I hope you can give us another rendering with some “candle light setup”



woooow…i like style very much…sooo good…