General Texturing question


I’m fairly new to 3d.
Is texturing nowadays being done only using programs like “substance painter” or you have to make uvs in maya and then apply textures in photoshop for example?


Other programs have surfaced over the years that make for a much smoother and effective texturing workflow than Photoshop. For hobbyists, use whatever you like and can afford. Yet for working in the CG field, the trend is towards prorams like Substance Painter. There is also Mari, for higher end work (larger scale), which of course comes with a higher price.

If for hobby, you might check out Quixel studio as well. It is a Photoshop plug-in, but works similar to Substance Painter in that it allows the viewing of, and painting directly on, your 3D models, for numerous map types. The suite is on sale now, at


Thanks for the answear!