General question of import


Heya im new in 3D moddeling and at least also in 3D programming im jsut testing around with opengl for some months now alrdy and i got poked by silo 2 on steam ^^
but the main question im asking my self and i couldnt figure out is: is there a way to import a model made by an 3D moddeling tool like silo2 into an open GL code, im amagin it like this: im creating a 3D moddel with silo and i get all thoose vertec cordinations imported into a list or in a data form or what ever so that i just can create a method which i call car to render that car into my opengl project does it work on a way liek this? and how can i imagine? or is it just like thoose tools are helping to get an idea and at least you have to type all that coordinates by hand into a function or what ever?^^
i hope ur going to answer my question even it is not a special question about silo 2 :0


Most major 3D applications are able to export to universal Wavefront OBJ file format. The problem is that you’d rather want to rely more on geometry and UV data it provides rather that materials. Google for “OBJ file (format) specifications” for more info about how data are described in it (example: I don’t know what programming language you’d use for programming your application, but perhaps it’s worth searching the net for any already written libraries that do OBJ importing, instead of writing your own OBJ import routines from scratch.


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