Hi fellas, here we go, from now every file would be named like this before get uploaded to the ftp server:


for example:




Better not to use Capital Letters in the file name, just if you have to. I highly recomend not to use space or - in the file name, just _
Also I recommend of using WinZip or WinRar file compressors, and QuickTime Mov Soronson 3 for animations. (zipped afterward)

Is it OK? any opinion?


hey my “” was already almost right :wink:

good call ila, no suggestions from me, as far as filenames go.

i think we should take this a little further though and establish some object naming convention (woah that sounds fancy)

once we put everything together for the individual shots we’ll get in trouble if it’s no named right. the characters and models should all get a name prefix.

i’ve used something like this on my models(they are, afterall, non-organic models with lots of seperate objects, so they require some clear naming… character rigs are just the same though)





and also things like this:


what’s left of the dot(.) indicates the model, everything after that the different parts of that model, the underscores indicate hierarchy sublevels or sub-parts or certain properties like the ‘bottomLeft’ and ‘tall in my examples’.

ila is on to something here. everybody don’t think this is trivial :beer:


aha, yes the sub-object naming:

I agree with your naming rule. It’s clear. so let’s go: for naming parts of the scene and objects: (simpler)

[Model Name][Part Name][Direction/SubPart]_[##]



about joints, if we want to use aniMan then it has its naming routin.


or we could just make more folders to organize…:stuck_out_tongue:

btw, does anyone want to volunteer to clean out useless things? Kirt?

I’m not really sure what stays and what needs to go, if anything…

Just wondering…


unlevel actually i think we don’t need more folders, we need less :wink:

it’s probably more useful to have models / animations / maps folders and have everything clearly named… rather than have seperate directories for every little model.


oh…I was kinda told to do it that way…

fist, have you got a better idea? pm me some more info on directory structure (cause I sitnk at it) and I’ll see what I can do…


that’s just a personal opinion unlevel. don’t change anything just yet… it’s not too important anyway right now :wink:

all i’m saying is that once we have all models and map files clearly named there’s probably no need to keep every model in it’s own folder.


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