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Hi there,

I just designed a nice quaint character that I’m hoping to texture and animate. However, the UV unwrap modifier seems to have a vendetta against me. Every time I unwrap a few polys and save a UV template, the thing resets the UV’s to the way they were before once I render. I’d texture in zbrush, but this is not a viable solution for things like bump maps and whatnot.



Are you rendering to texture? If so make sure “use existing channel” is checked. Otherwise it’ll do an automatic unwrap, undoing all your hard work on the UVS.


Thanks for your reply, Kris. I’ve heard of rendering to texture, but I do not use it. However I will check to see if I’ve selected that option. Might bail me out.

Thanks again.


Another thing to look out for is making sure you’re not in sub-object mode when applying the uv map. If you are, it’ll only unwrap the selected polies, and if you change your selection it’ll whipe out the UV map. If it is your intention to only unwrap a few polies, be sure to either collapse the stack or add an edit poly modifier afterward and not go below it on the stack.


Sweet, I’ve been meaning to look for the Brackets toggle for a week or so now. It’s just that it keeps coming up when I’m busy. Now I don’t have to. Whee!


I’m having a small issue. The last time I did this was years ago so I can’t exactly remember where it is. You know how there is a max text file that tells max the screen coordinates for all of your floating menus. I’ve “lost” (like if u use dual monitors, switch back to one and forget about your floating menus thus leaving your menus location on the now non-existant second monitor) one of my floating menus (FumeFX) and I just can’t remember what the text file was called. Because in the past I’d just go into the text file and change the coordinates back.

Silly question I know.

EDIT: Nevermind.


I’m pretty new to 3ds max and i’m having an issue with the pro materials. At first I thought they were just messed up as they weren’t showing up when I selected them in the materials editor, but after some investigation I found they were there but considered “incompatible”.

I don’t know why they would be considered such so does anyone know how to fix this?


Pro materials are compatible only with mental ray, so you need to assign mental ray as a renderer in order to be able to use them.



I currently consider to enhancing my gear from 3 go ram+ winxpsp3 32bits (3dMax 8 32 bits) to 6 go ram + windows7 64bits (and max2010 64bits)

My worry is that the current WIP I ve started on Max8 32bits will not translate well in Max2010 64bits

has anyone experience such transition in the middle of a work, am I stuck with Max8 till the end of this one?


No problem. All 32-bit files can be opened in 64-bit. I run 3dsmax 2011 on Windows 7 64-bit and it run perfectly.


lets say i animated a door opening, and a window opening, and i want to play them separately.

is that possible?

hiding animation layers is the only answer i have so far, but it isnt
the best method, since i’d have to hide all my other animations, when i
wanted to play only one anim. also, switching the play button to play
selected wont do it, as everything else will disappear, but keep moving
invisibly, instead of keep showing/not move.

any ideas?

thanks in advance



i am new here, i would like to ask you, what do you think about the config belwo, how good it is for max, or what would you recommend in similar prices,



i am new here, i would like to ask you, what do you think about the config belwo, how good it is for max, or what would you recommend in similar prices,

HP 8200E CMT Core i5 2500, 500GB HDD 7200 SATA, DVD+/-RW, 4GB PC3-10600
Memory(dl ch),

AMD Radeon HD 6570 DP (1GB) PCIe x16 Graphics Card

Samsung S22A300B SAM LED 21,5", 16:9 wide, SA300, 1920x1080, MEGA DCR,
250cd/m2, 5ms,
170?/160?, DVI/analóg, Eco Saving, Multi
Screen, MagicBright3, MagicAngle



Me personal would probably not buy HP. The price for their workstation is way more then if you buy a none brand workstation.
There are lot of shops that specialized in workstation and they give you way more service and value for your money. Or you can build it yourself (if you know how) with loose components, that’s by far the cheapest option.

For the hardware. It seems kind of low, I can’t look in your wallet, but you might want a bit more power.

The i5 processor should be a i7 or more (xeon, 4 or 6 cores)
4 GB of memory is on the low side, especially with rendering and working in big scenes 8 GB or 12 GB would be better.
For the Graphic Card I would not take an ATI. I know the’re cheaper and promise more, but Autodesk seems to lean more towards Nvidia (physx, massfx). So it would be a good idea to switch that. If you have the money buy a quadro, they make less errors and are build for a big workload.

monitor looks oke, I’d like 2 screens on my workstation, but as I said I can’t look in your wallet.

hope this helps


Good day,
I’m new to this thread and don’t have time to read all 12 pages!
So excuse my newbie question.
Please can anyone tell me how I will regain the vertex “red dot” appearance, at my viewports??:cry:
Somehow I’ve lost them and I can only see the gizmo any time I select a vert, in Edit Poly Mode.
I want my red dots back please!!!:scream:

Thank you very much indeed!! :slight_smile:


hi i’m new here i have a little problem with blueprints when i turn of 3ds max and open again my blueprints size crash and i cant fix this i check download texture size and background texture size (512 / 1024) how can i fix this problem :banghead:

this is screen


hi i have 2 questions

first i have 16 GB memory but max starts to lag at big scenes but uses just 4-5 gigs, why does it happening?

second is there any solution for displaying shortcuts when i move my coursor upon a tool?


I you video card that’s lagging. Heavy scenes need a heavy duty card.
As for the shortcuts, that should work.


I think I must be asking this the n-th time. But then. hehehe. :wink:

I have 8 GB of RAM and a 64bit windows 7 and 64bit Max2010. But for some reason max is using only 4 GB and I cant seem to find the toggle/configuration settings for it. I think that now the algorithm is automated, which is to say that it can not be manually configured, but then I also think that I could be wrong. thats a good one] but could you guys please help me out. It would be a great help. Thanks a Ton.



Is it possible to inset multiple polygons with soft selection?