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Customize->Preferences->Viewports tab->Display Drivers group->Configure Driver->Apperarance Preferences Group

and check the “Enabble Antialiased Lines in Wireframe Views” checkbox

and that’s it.


Design Diva:
go to ‘preferences’ - ‘gizmos’ tab , and increase ‘transform gizmo size’.

the keyboard shortcuts are - (minus) : decrease size, = increase size (but this doesn’t work on my laptop keyboard…)

Spooky experience to see your gizmo shrinking…(it has been for me):smiley:


I have the exact same problem.
Only for 2 days of render. (yes, I should have done it to sequence tgas or such, but I was going out and didnt think it matered).

Im supprised there isnt more info about this, it must be fairly common problem ;-/
Mine stoped at 95%, leaving a 65MB mov file, a QTimeTmp.AVI, and a
I havnt a clue what they are really.
Is there any way to recover the render?

Sure there must be a method to just render the last 5% of the file and slap it together?


i guess it depends on how the file is generated… still, it’s hard to belive you have 65 MB of totally useless information.


sweet jebus, someone please PLEASE PLEASE tell me how in the world do you bind “disable textures” to a keystroke?

I don’t understand how something so simple and crucial is not so easy to figure out.


Usually, rendering to a video file is big no-no …

Quite dangerous, and rendering to images dosen’t take much time to recomposite after :deal:


yeah, i think youre right :] the solution in this case is actually a prevention: "dont render animations to movie files!"


Does anybody know why everything shows up transparent when I render with mental ray, but it is fine with default scanline? I am a noob at this, but I’ve tried EVERY option in the entire program and nothing made a difference (I even turned off advanced lighting and raytracing).


hi everyone,
just wanna know why Max 9 does not have a thumbnail preview which exist in older version of max, or is there a way of activating it or what, cos i just haveto install an older version dormant to get a thumbnail preview


hi peepz.
My most desirable question of all is the following:

Is there any way to use a wacom in max in the way u use the wacom in maya?
I just can’t assign the rotate,scale,pan etc in the way that maya have it assigned as it comes with the package. It’s a question that I have for a long time and I’m still searching for a solution. Maybe someone knows?


If we can I have many questions to ask. Here are two-

What is the difference between a texture and a material?

And in reference to rendering, what is bucket? Also what is a shader?


Hello everyone,

In 3ds max 9 normals are black, I want them to be trasparent…

Any suggestions?


Hey guys,
I’m running max 9 64bit.
My render dialog doesn’t seem to open at all anymore and F10 doesn’t do anything as well. What is goig on? Is there a way to reset max completely or dump the preferences?



I might suggest that it is appearing off screen. If you dig through the ini files in the max folder you should be able to come across the dialog position and update them to place them back somewhere on screen.

See how that goes.


I seem to be having problems when extrude modelling from scratch. I’ll be working on a segment of the model and when I retrace my steps I find that there are double vertices all over the place. Any ideas why that might be happening? Also, in connection with this problem, does anyone know how to connect an edge to a stray stand-alone vertice. I’ve been told that you’re supposed to use the “create” command when in the edge sub object, but I haven’t had any luck with that.



Hello Guys,

I started learning max this week. I have been using maya for a while and for the most part have figured out how to translate my work flow from maya to max. Not to hard at all. There is one thing I still can’t figure out though.

When projecting / unwrapping your uvs, is it possible to type in a numeric value for their hight and width? For example, in maya when I do a planer projection I can type in a value for the projection width and projection height. This way I now all of my projections are the same size. I don’t have to eyeball anything.

In max it seems to me that it is just fitting the projection in the uv space without regaurd to size and then I have to scale all the uv pieces to be the right size. Im I doing something wrong?


hey 've lost my materials copy/instance dailog box, the thing just has
a habit of wandering off on me =P and i seem to forget how to find
each time! and ideas?

ty ty!



see bellow


i guys,

i am using max for years and never got that problem before : the wheel of my mouse does not work to zomm in/out in the Uv editor window. It work perfectly in the 3d viewport.

any idea? very irritating to have to click on that little icon to zome in…grrrr

big thanks


Hello, i have a question about placing and modeling details…i hope it´ll be understandable:)
Example: I´m modeling somesort of knight armor, and i want some pretty details on it, i can handle the modeling itself, but my issue is situated in the modeling details by other models (armor has a eagle pn front of it, but eagle was modeled alone by splines and afterwards it was converted to edit poly and knight armor was modeled by box modeling from scratch and it has different topology, which i dont want to destroy, so i create two different elements, which they are penetrated by theirselves.I cant find out how i would place the eagle softly to armor to make a nice piece of armor with great eagle:) … MANY THANKS TO ALL, Who ARE ABLE TO READ THIS :slight_smile: