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Need a little assistance here if it’s not to much.

Ok, this has been annoying me for awhile now. I use the middle mouse button alot for the ‘pan’ tool. So I just click it and hold to pan my view around or I scroll it for the zoom. I think the scrolling is somehow screwing up the speed at which I can pan and zoom at, because right now on the thing I’m working on, it is taking hours just to zoom in on the stupid thing. Can someone tell me the easy way of fixing this damn speed switcher?



i just can’t get what you mean with the speed switcher, but holding ‘alt’ while zooming/panning/moving etc. increases the steps by factor 10 (i think…) so maybe this could be useful to you.


hi friends ,
wot are the ways to reduce the file size of max files.
i m working in max7 and the file include only chamfered boxes cylenders and planes…no complex object is used…all the objects used hav the minimum segments…still the file size is a bit high …is there any way i can reduce it…awiating ur reply


Hi guys is it posible to export an animated camera from max 8 to max 7?

anny suggestions…


Try Winrar, WinZip :thumbsup:


I am having a similar problem but my gizmos are toggled to on and so is my transform gizmo. I’ve tried changing the viewport graphics mode and back. I’ve tried puting im my Max disc and reinstalling and still nothing, does anyone have any other suggestions?


How can I change the pivot point position of some selected sub-object like some vertises ?
It’s very important to scale or rotate sub-objects .


hi,mazm :

press “j” on keyboard .


Hi, does anyone know, when i first install 3dsmax 8, theres an option what kind of graphic driver setup do i want, which one should i choose? My grphic card is nvidia geforce 7300go 512 mb, thanks!


I select an object in 3dmax. it takes 3-4 seconds before that object is selectable (meaning i can rotate/scale/translate it). this occurs frequently. even in unshaded mode and isolation mode. I’m running a P4/3ghz with 2gb ram, radeon 9800, windows xp. My drives are fragmented, there’s only 31 processes running in the background, no viruses and no spyware.

Other examples of slowdowns include

  • 5-10 seconds to clone any object
  • 3-10 seconds to switch in/out of isolation mode

this could be due to the extreme amount of plugins i have installed on my computer (i’m working at video game company). but since every artists’ computer is basically the same, and i’m the ONLY one with these slowdowns, it’s a bit unsettling.

any help would be appreciated.


In vertex mode, sometimes absolute transformation coordinates are grayed out, when I select multiple objects/verteces. I cannot have all verteces set to 0! What can I do?

EDIT: not just in vertex mode, generally speaking about general multiple selection


I must be really newb, but how do I move the pelvis of a biped so that only the upper body moves ? For example, I could lower the pelvis, and the legs would bend, not follow the pelvis.


Hi there,
I am a newbie using 3ds max and I have a question. My “select and move” (axis) tool is usually at a size that I can see and easily work with. Today I opened up 3ds max and the select and move tool is so small that I cannot make out the separate x,y,z axis’. Please, if anyone knows how to enlarge my select and move tool I would greatly appreciate it. There’s probably an easy way which I am completely unaware of.

Thank you very much.



Quick question,

How do i make transparency/opacity objects showup with d3d driver in the viewports. As it is now, its just showing black rather than see thru window for example.

If i use opengl all is fine.


how i can link a poser model to a biped?
i want animate a poser imported model but i’ve big problem.
model cannot match with biped.
plz help me


pCharacter Import for 3dsmax at Daz 3d. I bought it for XSI. It worked but it’s not too stable might be better with Max?? It’s $39.95 now. I paid $199.00 ;-(
Anyways, hope it helps.


Hi all I have a problem with the gizmo in 3dsmax 9 I recently passed from 3dsmax 8 to 9 and I have a problem …

befoure when I was modelling and I needed to move an object or vertexes or planes etc , I could pass on the 3directional arrow ortogonals gizmo used to move the object , with the mouse , and it suddenly made the whole mesh transparent with edges visible and so I could work well , now in 3dsmax 9 it is no more doing this , I dunno if it is a matter of setting or something and I would like to place back this feature can you help me ?


Hi - I cant collapse vertices together on a simple editbale poly? Why? Please help…so simple yet gonna break my monitor


Hello! :smiley:
here’s the object of my frustration… After 4 hours rendering an animation into a mov file, max crashed and and the file corrupted (the mov file, that is). Is there a way to recover mov files?
Maybe this is not the apropriate place to ask this?


Is there anyway to fix the aliasing on the wireframe lines within the viewport? They look pretty jagged in a user view! In a perspective view they look a little better but I was wondering if there are any settings that will make the wireframes look cleaner and more crisp while modeling?

I thought it may also be due to the monitor or my video card but I’m not sure. I’m using a Dell E197FP LCD flatpanel monitor with resolution set at 1280X1024 with an Nvidia 7300 LE pci express x16. 512MB

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m talking about, you can see how the lines are broken and very jagged!

If anyone has any knowledge of this please help! Thanks!