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alright im getting angry now lol… ive started a new max file… made a box n a sphere… there both visible n fine… once i convert them to an editable * (poly or mesh or etc) they go invisible… only the surrounding box around them is there… in edit vertices mode the vertices are visible and the surrounding box but nothing else…
edge mode only surrounding box
same with poly… selected poly/edge is visible in red…

ive had a look at the driver settings but cant see anything that seems wrong… they havnt been changed and they worked fine before…

as far as i know i dont have any distanstfog… had a look for anything with that name n cant find it… anyway im meant to check or anything?

this is so frustrating :\ any ideas?
ive tried file->reset … no luck…
help please! :expressionless:


ive got an annoying problem in max 7 where if im dragging an object using the arrows on the gizmo it snaps to the center of that axis, so if im in side view dragging an object around then look in another its stretched across the screen and is actually at the center.

in the right view it looks fine but on the top its moved to the centre… AGHHHH!!

The Image


Is there a reference chart for people from other applications…

I have seen things like Maya to XSI pdfs and such.


Is 3DS Max the same thing as 3D Max?

I know it’s a silly question, but I’m just getting started on the 3D animation software and such and I was wondering.


Sorry if I posted this twice, but I didn’t see the question in here.

Anywho, is there a difference between 3ds Max and 3d Max? Or are they the same thing?


There is nothing called 3d Max. Just some people like to nick name 3ds max as 3d max


I hate that there are so many incarnations of its name. When searching, I find that it’s best to refer to it as ‘3D max’ (without the quotes). I’ve noticed that the word “studio” is more often than not dropped completely, and ‘3dsmax’ isn’t always the most popular choice. With ‘3D max’ you can’t miss!

I’m so lonely…



However the product we are talking about is indeed 3ds max. That’s what it says on the box, the manual, the splash screen, the top bar, and everywhere else! I don’t understand why people insist on calling it “3d max.” It makes my blood boil! :banghead:

Perhaps I’m overreacting.



When I put my mouse over a poly, surface disappear and i only see wires.

What’s the trick to use snaps in the good way (generaly call:precision drawing). I have difficulty to use the align tool and to change the reference point of an object.



Is there any easier/quicker way to model a round shape on box for example, than just creating a cylinder and adjusting the vertexes as in the cylinder?

What’s the shortcut for selecting for example edges, without the whole selection rectangle getting around it, sometimes Max selects all the edges that the rectangle touches and that’s why I’m assuming there’s a shortcut I accidentally press sometimes.

Thanks in advance.


That’s because it was dropped by discreet several versions ago. It’s not been called 3D ‘Studio’ Max for years… it’s officially called 3DS Max.

sorry, just being pedantic.


I have a problem: I have a scene, with lots of objects and a big concave mesh (mountain) I would like to remove all the objects inside/outside the mountain. Is it possible in max world? I don’t have a clue how to do it! I think it could be a very easy, if I could select the object automatically, but I cannot do it. Is it possible via a plugin/maxscipt?


Hm, I don’t really understand what you mean but I’ll try it anyway:

  1. You can Select ALL your objects in the scene except your mountain then apply a Volume Select Modifier. Then you use as selection method faces/verteces (I think both should work, you can try out) and define your mountain as the “selector” (there’s a node, you just click on it and pick the mountain geometry). Now all objects inside the mountain have selected faces/vertices. Now, with the same meny objects selected (except the mountain) you just add the “Delete mesh” Modifier. The selected stuff disappears :slight_smile:

Did you mean that?

Or just the old “Delete”-Button Delete function? :wink:



Thanks, it really helped me a lot! The good old delete button does not work, it deletes all the objects, but the delete mesh modifier really does it well.

My only problem now: is it possible to delete/show not based on verticles/faces but on objects. Now my scene looks almost good, but I have a lot of sliced objects. Is it possible to remove objects which does not have closed surface? I tried to choose the object method in volume select, but it removed all the objects!

Here is a sample I made for explanation:


How can I use volume select modifier/object mode? It works for me in vertex/face mode, but in object mode it always selects all the objects I applied it to.


Hm, maybe the STL check Modifier? You can let it select all objects that are opened. And then you use the Delete Mesh Modifier again. As far as I can remember you could use the Volume Select Modifier on whole objects, I think it was the option above the vertices/faces mode… Not quite sure, whether it works fine though!



Thanks for that answer, you just saved my skin :D.


What is the best way to make a real area light?

I mean I use mr area omni, but there is a strong bright spot where the original omni is. I would like to make a neon box like area light


I downloaded some of cgsociety’s free models to 3d stduio max, but I can only open the .max files, not the .3DS files, why? What is the difference?


Use File > Import not file > Open