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Is it possible to disable the cycling behavior of “Q”, where it cycles between the different selection regions (rectangular, circular, etc) every time you press it? I find this feature highly annoying, as I rarely use anything other than rectangular.


guys, how would do this unmasking effect on max?


For the road expanding to the back, make a cube or plane with a Matte/Shadow material. Animate that over the road.
For the road expanding to the front, animate a loft. The cars need to be animated on by visibility.
In the example you send however I think they did it in post. By animating a mask in 3D space over the footage.


Ok so I get this model off the net, and the geometry had mass triangles in it, and the way I learned was to have quads in the geometry.
So I deleted a huge mass of tris and filled in using the polygon create tool. I thried to fit the flow as best as possible but when I render it, the entire area that I made looks horrible, whereas the rest looks great.


can’t see the image. It’s on your harddrive.
Maybe just keep the triangles or try to import the model with quads. Some formats have this option.


Hello guys, I am a total newbie in using 3ds max, but i really want to learn from the tutorials and from this forums as well, because i know there are many professionals here.

My problem is everytime I make a big box, i think my laptop lags and i cant make another object, but when i make other objects like cylinder, teapot etc, it works fine, it is just the box that im having a problem with. But then again i tried making a small box and it went fine, but everytime i make a big one, my 3ds max is kinda weird. Please help.


Hey, im new to all this, but im trying to make something out of this, but when i render this happens… I tried perspectie-viewport clipping

When i render, its messed up. It duplicates things i made. Like i have i made a dragon head now but it got twice its hair now. and 2 eyes instead of one

What happend and how do i solve it ?


I have a spline shape I’d like to cut out of an iphone case back. The base model was an stl so there are a lot of edges across the surface I’m trying to cut through, and shape merge and proboolean haven’t provided satisfactory results. I’ve had a little success using procutter, but bridging the gap created by cutting through the 2 surfaces wasn’t working.

I’m hoping there is an easy way to do this, I’m attaching an image showing what I’m trying to cut out ( )


What kind of bugs should I expect, if I change system units from inches to cm in file with already rigged model? Max help file says that it is forbidden to change system units anywhere but fresh empty scene.


Hi guys
Here is question. Is there a map for mesh intersection? I have a ground plane and a water on it, and I want to assign a different material on intersection. I’ve tried volume select, but it’s geo dependent and doesn’t give me exact intersection shape. I’ve also tried render to texture and it works, I need something like this, but interactive. Kind of wetmap/collision map. Is there solution for this?


Hi everyone! :wavey:
I have a problem with “Hair and Fur” modifier.
It has so strange render:

Can someone help me to fix this problem?


Hello There!
I am having a problem, i am not pro with 3dmax, the other day a guy in the school made the animation of a point to repeat all over. Example, i move the ball throu the ground to top and it makes me a pattern that is all over the timeline, and i don´t know how to delete it, i can´t make the ball to be stoped, it´s always with the movement i set.
If i delete the points and start animating again, it makes the pattern again. I don´t know how to delete that.
Sory if me english is bad,

Here is a pic:


Hello, I created a thread but it says it needs to be validated and that could take up to 24 hours.

I am having an issue where, when in wireframe, I have to click through all objects above the one I want to get to the one I want. Even if there are no lines covering the object I want I have to click through them. For example:

If I have a rug in the basement, I have to click through the roof, the ceiling, the floor, the ceiling, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen floor, the basement ceiling, and then the rug. It is as if I were on shaded view clicking style even when in wireframe.

This just randomly started happening, I don’t know if I accidentally clicked/hotkeyed something mistakenly, but it is becoming problematic as I can’t even drag select unless I go on the select tool (Otherwise the roof will move). Does anyone know how to solve this issue?


I don’t really have a fix just some suggestions:

Use a window selection instead of a crossing selection to select just the mat/rug.
Use the Select object mode so that don’t accidentally move your object.
Use selection sets so that you can quickly select objects (less key presses than select by name).

Alternatively try the Proselect Script.


New Question: Sorry this is such a non-question, but I have no idea what to look for online for the terminology/method;

I’m trying to animate a door that would open like the doors from metroid:

All I really know right now is using paths and basic animations and neither seem to do the trick for something like this.

Can someone help point me in the right direction for something like this?


Hello everyone, wanted to ask your help on something. On the first picture you can see the sphere with polygons on the side extruded inside to make a hole. There’s also one omni light present.
The polys in the hole and on the rest of the sphere have different smoothing groups, and the problem is that the inside of the hole is lit while it shouldn’t be. This is what it renders to:
So, what am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?


why still I can’t post thread, even though I submit it 2 days ago.


I don’t know if this is the place but I tried to start a new thread and it didn’t work. I have to export my model from MAX (2014) to AutoCad (2015). I did it using .3ds format, so materials will look the same in Acad, but some objects get relocated as soon as Acad imports the file. Tried the same using .SAT file and, while it does not relocate any object, materials get lost.

Here are some screens of the MAX model, the 3DS imported or the SAT imported.

Any solution? Thanks


I have problem with PF source in 3ds max.

I want to create leaves moving from object A to B, stay some time on B while moving all over the place in volume of B, and after some time to fall on object C.
PF source editor:

The problem is I can not create some moving effect of particles on object B(lungs). For now they just stay in place. I want them to move in volume or on surface and then fall off to surface C.

I know it should be a simple solution, but I have spent several hours with no success.

If somebody can help me please download my max file.
My work file:


Hi everyone! For past 2 days i have been trying to make the material for a hologram as in Iron Man .I want to achieve for my map a material like this ( ). I dont know how to make this texture.As i see i need a texture that makes the edges more “readable” and the rest of the buildings on a little bit of opacity and wireframe. Can you please give me an advice?