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Alas, I wont be any help to modelling as my modelling is simply not in the same level to be used for lighting challenge. But I know a guy from India who post great 3d sets online for free. Here is the link Just my bits.


Alas, that looks like some very questionable links to pirated software there, not models he built himself or has rights to.



Wow … Congratz Kanooshka, … I will definitely be participating your first lighting challenge … Looking forward for it.


Whooo! I didn’t know that. I downloaded so many sets from that site. I’am really embarrassed about giving that link. Sorry :blush:


Hey guys. Just wanted to thank Jeremy Birn for holding these challenges for so many years, so successfully. I’m not a lighter but only to understand how lighting works, I’ve been reading Jeremy’s detailed critique since the early days of lighting challenges and have been an admirer of his patience and talent. Must say that I learned many things even without ever entering into the challenge. This whole series coupled with his book has been a great source of learning for beginners at my workplace, just the way it is the case in many studios in many countries.

I really really hope that he gets enough time to come on the forums and write his valuable critique because this source of learning must never end and it’ll be very sad if we lose a chance to read his comments. I request him to keep lurking around these forums if he manages to get any time from his busy schedule.



Congratulations Kanooshka! if i can help you in some way, just tell me.


Congratulations Kanooshka !!! I am very happy that you have been chosen as the forum leader.:bowdown: You have been very kind and helpful to everyone and I have learned a lot from your comments, specially in the The Shop Girls challenge, you have helped me a lot at that time. I am very exited and thrilled for participating at your first challenge !
But we will miss u very much Jeremy Sir ! I have all my good wishes for you and for your family !


@ Kanooshka- Is there any theme u have selected for the next challenge ??


I sure have, but everyone likes the suspense :thumbsup:


Jeremy: Really sad to see you bowing out.
Kanooshka: Congratulations! Looking forward to the next challenge!


@Jeremy - Thanks for doing these challenges I’ve really enjoyed them! Congrats on the new addition to your family.

So when is the next one?


Possible themes:

  • 50’s Cruising Classics / Blast from the Past
  • World in a Mirror / Another World (Like Alice in Wonderland)
  • Life as an Inanimate Object (I.E a Sneaker)
  • Ship Wreaked / The Perfect Storm (Lol)
  • A College Students Finals
  • Tiny Perspective (Ant -> Mnt. Everest)

Just a few I could probably sit here for hours and just think of things up but anything that could always help so we could get more mini challenges going. Also a suggestion while one Challenge is going on maybe have the next one prepared?


Why don’t we on to exterior shots with follages grass where we can create the moods of lighting.


Challenge #22: The Carnival now on-line! Here’s the challenge thread:



I’d like to get the modeling started for the next challenge. I’ve selected a few themes that I think would be interesting, please PM me if you’re interested in modeling, would like to submit a scene you’ve already created, know of someone who would like to model or have a different theme you’d like to model from.

An Office Scene - private eye? dentist office? etc…
Theater - A play? A Movie? Drive-in movie? etc…
A Scientist’s lab
Sports Event - Football? Rugby? Tennis? etc… For this we’d probably need characters.


LOL…you’ve started to run this forum with a BANG!!! this carnival thing is already testing my CPU and my patience…LOL. lucky i am using the MR render subsets which really helps rendering that mental ray if u r comping stuff.
can i suggest a real hard one which might be more of a shading issue than say lighting hundreds of objects at the same time?
put a glass of milk/a lemon./couple of chillies and a few berries along with cheese and ceramic and steel /chrome…
my 2 cents…:slight_smile:


umm …call it SSS special. its a hard one with so many SSS objects in one scene…


I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the scene, it doesn’t seem to be too complex. Maybe if there’s geometry that isn’t visible you can delete it. Or if you really have to, you could reduce the polycount on objects like the horses.

I’m fine with doing any subject matter you guys want to light. If the majority of you would like simpler scenes and stick to more still lives, we can do that more often. I still would like have larger scenes sometimes but we can do smaller ones for the majority of the time. I’d love some feedback on what other people think of this as well.


This carnival scene looks amazing. I hope Dan plugs it on the front page at some point.

After several “big” scenes in a row, a pure still life (only showing what’s on one table in front of you) could be nice for variety. You could do the “Mad Science” challenge as a still-life, just what’s on the scientist’s lab bench.

Uday could test his SSS settings on the liquids or gels in the different test tubes and Petri dishes, and use a different SSS shader for the human brain in the jar.



wow! already?! :))
lighting a play in the theater sounds to me that we’re going to have fun doing it. alot of emotions can be portrayed on lights alone. :slight_smile:

the private detective office scene would be a great challenge. as for the themes to choose from, why not try to capture a detective’s office scene in a movie depending on what decade you want it to look like. and looking for reference photos is gonna be easy. anyway just a thought. :slight_smile: