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Importing obj can get tricky mostly because importer plugin options - in most programs i’ve used, there was a little checkbox saying ‘merged’, or ‘single’ or something to that effect - and sometimes these settings are hidden…If objects are exported properly, it’s the matter of finding right settings.


I would prefer the idea of “file format volunteers”. You guys are right, everyone should have their own thread where they can post wip pics, different passes and different versions of the shot. Even commenting on someone’s work will be easier with this.

Even I dont mind helping out for mirrors of the model files.

Thanks for the challenge and the help.


I’ve got a room scene that can be used in future challenges :thumbsup: LINK


Wow, that’s quite a room. I’d like to examine it, but the objects are executables which means no dice on OSX.


That’s great Bryan -

I’m sure we could use that for something in a future month!



99% made by me:) so copyright won’t be a problem. mr. Jeremy I send you a pm with details…


Jeremy: can you sticky the Lighting Challenge threads, tutorials & breakdowns and this thread please?


My idea for a future challenge is doing a classic character portrait with a fixed perspective (Mona Lisa/Albrecht Dürer self-portrait style*). Though it might be more difficult than lighting static stuff like indoor shots, I see no reason why we shouldnt try that. It definitely would be fun. :slight_smile:

*Not the quality, but the portrait approach! :wink:


You’ve seen how well I model ceiling fans, now you want me to build you the Mona Lisa??? :smiley:

Seriously, we are looking for more character models, I agree that lighting animated characters is really important. I think we are going to start the hare/hair challenge early next month, but some animated characters should be on the slate soon, especially when we find someone with something worth lighting that’s already been built, posed, and maybe can include texture maps.



Honestly, I thought the “single big thread” for everyone was way more productive.

It’s too hard to remember who’s thread you read or not (and CGTalk servers don’t keep good track of it, IMHO).

It was much more fun w. challenge #1, IMHO!!



Thanks Master Zap, I second that. It definitely was more fun to browse through the big thread and watch instant feedbacks and comparisons at once. It had a way more compact and comfortable feeling imho.
I guess the one-thread-for-every-contributor only works with some layout like in the 3d gallery for instance, where you can easily preview each contributors image, work-title and maybe some short description. I feel quite lost right now with all the scrambled (because bump-able) threads.


Yea, maybe the first challenge thread were easier to go though.

Do we know when we will be starting challenge no. 3? Was it going to be a hair based project, or are we waiting for someone to submit some models?



#3 will start next week, sorry for the delay. Yes we’re doing Hairy Hare next.

I’m going to be looking for file format volunteers to turn .obj file into files for max, c4d, etc. before they go on the servers. Tomorrow I’ll PM people who have posted file format conversions in previous challenges, if anyone wants to help with file formats you can PM me also and mention what software you can support.

OK, if everyone wants to try the 1-thread thing again we can. It’ll be interesting to see how the new portfolio hosting on cgtalk affects the challenges.



This week we can expect a lot of new visitors. Lighting challenges are getting heavily plugged in the new edition of Digital Lighting & Rendering, and it just started shipping in the US, so people will be getting the book and hopefully taking a look at the challenges.

To welcome some new visitors, it seems like this would be a good time to start another challenge, one that’s just as simple and open-ended as the fruitbowl was. I have one I’m putting together today. It’s just called “bottle collection.” I’ll try to get it online within a day, probably late Friday night (US Pacific time) as soon as I do a bit more modeling and file format conversion.



Great, I’m very excited about the new challange. If you ever need any help getting models and such together let me know.


We could use some more fun challenges: Anybody want to volunteer to model an underwater scene for us? I’d love to do an underwater lighting challenge in the future!



Sounds great Jeremy, an underwater scene could be a lot of fun! If I get some down time at work and am able to help out with creating some scenes I will let you know…I hope to be able to do a little bit more participating in some of the future challenges rather than just admiring other people’s work…Thanks again!



What kind of scene are we talking about? How big and how detailed? Style? Theme?
I see no reason why I can’t make us something reasonable for a worthy cause, feel free you get in touch with me and let me know what you have in mind.


An underwater scene would be great! I actually had a scene for a short story I ditched a while ago because it didn’t fit with the story at all, but either way I spent a good 6 months doing R+D, tests (countless ocean surface tests), floating particles and caustics via specualr procedural shading. I think I still have the videos. ANYWHO… since I have been meaning to get into these for some time now (haven’t done so because once I get into it all the sudden this indie film kicks me a new one) this underwater scene would totally be on my list of things to do daily.

P.S. I would submit this scene, but all it consists of is a standard Las Angeles class sub and a water plane, not much pizzaz.


An underwater scene is an excellent idea!
I hope you dont make it to complicated - caustic effects and underwater lighting requiers a lot of time…

Some photo samples of (simple) underwater scenes: