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so cutnpaste… will we see some animation tests before your vacation? no pressure… i just wanna know if i and the rest will have to wait another 3 weeks to see some stuff rolling :smiley:



I hope to test your cockpit before the vacation start…

anyway…if I cannot work on it, I’ll advise you man…


… :buttrock:


hehe ok great.

advise me ? as in ‘teach me the art of animation’ ? (j/k) :smiley:


Yes…I hope to remember it… :slight_smile:

Try to remember to remember to me to remember… :slight_smile:

…arf arf…I go to eat the green pill.



ok, guys those of you who are kinda interested in hosting, can you give me some specs of what you’re using already? I’m posting here cause I don’t want to host EVERYONE, just those special people…:stuck_out_tongue:


ufff almost three hour reading :wink: amazing stuff, this have legs to walk, i would like to help, you can see some examples of my work at my pirate thread

The painted, composited backgrounds are good idea, can help doing some composition or modelling some needed stuff for backs, i am not noticing any other models left… lights and textures can’t help you either because i am lw native, in animation i could help and since BlueCougar models are Lightwave would’nt wind to give a try to animate it in Motion Builder (wich i feel confortable) whithout compromising Maya

i’ll be glad to help in any task, just give me some direction


Hi there and welcome
You can ask Cougar for the models in LW format but we can’t use LW or MB formats in the project, just Maya for animation.
our riggers do the rigging in maya that coudn’t be convertable to MB correctly (IK problemo in FBX)
you would like to model that Cat! :wink: or some props for the trailer park.


guess my cat concepts are not wanted, as the thread has been deleted?:shrug:


if you mean this one… it just hasn’t gotten any replies in 30 days


ok will try that cat :wink:


oh right… sorry:blush:


hehe no worries… happened to me too here


i was wondering if you guys are still in the need of sound and sfx ???

i didnt read all threads and forum so maybe you already have one…

if you like to know more about my stuff visit:

(this link is no spam !!! its just to inform you about my work i do)



Waywyn - Yes please! :smiley: We need voices and sound FX for this short still. I’ve had several interested parties wanting to do music, but I think that’s one of the few last things we’ll be doing on this project. Voice tracks are needed first.

Read through everything and see if you can get a good feel for the characters. If you can make a few samples for the aliens and our hero I’d love to hear them.


okay, right in the moment i have still some stuff do to, but i think i will post some samples and impressions from time to time.

i guess a short film is not made within a few days, so i think you are not in a hurry soundwise :wink:


hey guys…

wether i was not looking good enough or it’s one of the few movies about the aliens which are already online. to be true, i didnt had the time to read every thread, so…anyway, here is something i came up with.

i just did a little sounddesign on one of the alien1 rigging video :slight_smile:

hope you enjoy it…

SoundDesign on Alien1

maybe there will be a sfx and music thread but i hope it’s okay to post this one in here :wink:


ehehe, cool! :slight_smile:


gh gh



is it too late to join in with the project. I started making alien2 back in may but left for australia for 2 months and figured someone else would’ve made him by the time i got back. Got some spare time now and was hoping to get back on track with him if its of any use.

Cheers, Phil


I believe Kirt posted elsewhere that anyone is welcome to make a model/rig/whatever. Once he’s ready, he’ll take the best of them.


:blush: ooops,

Thanks, i really should try to spend more time reading threads. Cheers.