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Hi to all! I’ve been browsing this forum and I’m very interested in helping. I have read every post in the first thread and most of the rest, but I’m still unsure of some issues that maybe you can solve here.

First, I’m mainly interested in animation, but you are doing this project in Maya, so it seems max users can’t help in the animation part. Am I right? Or are there some scenes you can render with max and composite after?

If I can’t help animating, I can do some modelling, and I’d like to do the mutated cows (or only one cow?). Do you have any sketch of the mutated cow/s in profile and front view? Or is it more needed another character/item?

Another one: ¿are the storyboards finished? I can’t access more than a few introductory pages… Are they restricted to the project members?

BTW, I like the introduction with the jellyfish override, but I watched yesterday the short “The Chubb-Chubbs” and it begins very similarly. Have you noticed it?

Thanks for paying attention to my questions. It’s my first participation in this forum (I never dare to do any of the challenges), and it would be great to work as part of this team.

And sorry if this isn’t the right forum to make the questions, I told you already that I’m a bit confused.


Hello ojquammun :wavey:
Let me see if I can answer some of these questions for you …

Max users are going to be restricted to modelling I’m afraid. The reason is that we’re applying animation rigs and textures to the models in Maya. I suppose that Max could be used to render objects that don’t have rigs. I’m not sure how this would effect the end product. Someone with experience in both will have to speak up and help me out on that one.

If you want to model one or more of the cow mutations you’ll have to make do with what I’ve provided so far. Right now the priority is storyboards.

Which brings me to your next question … and the answer is “they’re only finished in my imagination.” Getting them done on paper and posted to the web has been my greatest difficulty on this project so far. I know everyone is waiting on them and I’m doing my best to get them done inspite of my other obligations (you know, the ones that pay the bills :argh: ).

I have not seen the Chubb Chubbs yet, but I will in a few days when my DVD arrives. I guess there are going to be several comparisons between this short and other existing films now and in the future. However, the similarities are going to be either coincidence, parodies, or homages to other great Sci-Fi (and comedy) films.

I think I mentioned somewhere earlier that my biggest inspiration for the plot was from the film “Men in Black” and many of Chuck Jones’ animations from his Warner Brothers years. So, comparisons are going to be innevitable. But, I think the film is unique enough to stand on it’s own.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here.


Thanks, Kirt. You’ll know from me in a few days. Tomorrow I’m going to a business travel.

I think I’ll give a try to the mutated cow… I guess I should begin a thread to show my progress… am I right?



well, I’ve seen Chubchubs, no similarities except here we have some Aliens and there they are all aliens in an alien planet! :stuck_out_tongue:
so we have the same similarity with James Cameron’s Aliens! :smiley:

btw, it didn’t deserve an oscar :hmm:


uhm i was also wondering where exactly the similarities are… you came to the right conclusion ila :wink:


Sorry if I didn’t express it right (english isn’t my native language). I was only referring to the introductory scene, where an alien ship overrides the title credits. In the storyboards, the scene is almost the same, but not with the title. I mean, the similarity is the opening of the film with an alien spaceship override.

I know it’s a minor thing, but only wanted to contribute to the originality of this short. Though I know complete originality is a difficult thing.

hope to have explained better


wow guys… i had totally no idea that this forum exists. i read through the posts and im very impressed!

i know that the lighting tasks are far away but don´t want to wait longer to offer my services on this project.

i´m a lighting artist and i would really like to help when it comes to lighting and the development of the rendered look.
I am able to light scenes in different moods and styles (and here comes the best) without using GI :wink:

Kirt, if you need my help, count me in.


hey LXStalker, great news… that would fill another hole in the pipeline. do you use maya? this will be our main application for rendering…

oh and where in germany are you from? :slight_smile:


yes i use maya… i am currently in freiburg…

here are some examples of my lighting: (this is just a rough WIP)


mh why are some of these not on your website? :stuck_out_tongue:

looking great, very nice pieces of work


fist: this is because i am very slow at keeping my site up to date…

guys: i would really love to play around with different lighting concepts for this thing. it would be great if i could get alien 1 and the ship modell to do some testrenders… just to do something until the stuff is finished. maybe i can do some nice promotional renders or things like that.
i am able to develop different looks under your direction kirt.

Any good ideas ?


Hello folks

i would like to sign in as a texture guy?

i am no expert! but i sure know my photoshop stuff well enough.



and another thing: which maya version will we use for rendering? granted that the production will still take a lot of time it will probably be at least 5.0 right? i only work with max here, but i have access to maya workstations with 4.5 and 5.0, and i want to learn it anyway, so i might port my stuff over and try to get a similar look. i’d love to use mental ray though… because it will be even more of a standard by the end of the year, being an integral part of 3 mayor applications.


We’re up to Maya 5.0 now. We’ll use whatever the latest version of the software is … or at least the last version that I upgraded to. :smiley:

I’m still planning on getting the software by the end of this year. I’m not sure how we’re going to go about rendering the images and getting them in a format that’s usable (i.e. downloadable) for the compositors and editors without sacrificing quality.

I’m crossing my fingers to win the California state lottery so I can build a render farm and host the files on servers in my home (j/k - but it’s nice to have dreams, isn’t it?).


First of all exellent stuff everyone and specially thumbs up for Kirt, great directing so far:thumbsup:

And then to questions:

First is there “to do list” coming, props to model and quick sketch of em?

And for second, in big thread was something about other ships(flying sorcers) is there anykind sketch of em or link or something that i can work with?

Here is one i made: -Click here fo flying sorcer-
Is that useful or do u have something diffrent in mind?

Basicly i’m offering my crappy modeling skills, but with my imagination i need some general shapes to work with.


Progress Report - Here we are at the 8 month mark on this project. How we doing? Pretty good considering everyone has their own schedules and real life deadlines. When I started this I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult with so many talented artists here on CGTalk.

Overall, I’m pleased with the progress made so far. Getting models completed seems to be as difficult as it is for me to complete sketches and storyboards. :smiley:

Since things have slowed down here, I’m guessing that everyone is on summer vacations, getting swamped with work (my personal excuse) or just waiting on the next step.

Myself and the family will be taking our (much needed) annual vacation next week. A comfortable relaxing week at the beach should recharge my batteries and get the juices flowing again.

I’m taking my sketchbook with me, and I’ll be free from distractions of computers, work, phones, & TV. I expect I’ll have plenty of stuff to post up when I get back.

While I’m away I hope that work continues here. I’d love to see the artists use their talents to improvise some elements of the models. The sketches I’ve supplied are concept … not the rule (Take a look at fist’s ship - it’s not exact to my concepts, but it fits the style. Exactly what I want).

We need to have the models finished and rigged to continue on with the next step of putting together some animations. I’d like to get the opening sequence done (sound fx & music too!) so that we can use it as a trailer for the film. I have most of these storyboards done (some not posted yet) and the models needed are near complete.

Once we get this film trailer going we’ll have an idea of how we’re going to work through the problems of renders, compositing and file sharing over the net.

Feel free to add your own personal progress report, experiences, or gripes here. I’ll address any issues as soon as I can.



I would just like to take this time to say that I might have a hosting surprise for you guys in the next month or so…hehe

Kirt, enjoy your vacation, as I shall be enjoying my webdesign work, which people actually want to pay for!!!wheee!!!

btw, ok, I’ll spoil the surprise, I want to get a nice big host, like 5 gigs, instead of some cheesy free account, and host you guys up right! I’ll also throw in a domain (will ask kirt bout the name when I’m ready) and will host whoever wants hosting who’s working on this project…maybe hhaha


I’m really lucky to have the office in a paradise city, with the sea and the beach near 10 meters…btw, I’ll take my vacations for 3 weeks.

I’ll come back around the 1st september…I’ll try to make some test inside the cockpit…now I’ve got the cockpit (and the ship)from fist.


So…good relax to everybody…considering that we made this in extra time…we must relax our brain…

Kirt: Hey…good relax!

UnLevel: Great news!!

bye all


yeah everybody relax… :wink:

all i’m doing right now is work on all my projects and lie in the sun a few hours each day (i’m living on an island you know, beaches everywhere :wink: )

as cutnpaste said… i sent him a working version of the ship now, ready for animation… although some details ain’t complete yet

unlevel: great to hear that… any traffic limit on that server?

kirt: great idea with the trailer… although i still see a lot of loose ends especially when it comes to rendering and compositing. we’ll either have to send cd-r’s or dvd’s all over the place or the guy who’ll composite will also have to render the scenes out. OR we’ll get unlevel’s promising hosting :smiley:


I think it’s 100 gigs per month traffic…

I would love to sponsor a bunch of artists with free webhosting, but mostly people I know, or people working towards a greater cause, like you guys…

now, I’d also love to talk to kirt about how much alienz would need/domain and such, just got to get someone to volunteer for making the site,hehe…

haven’t got the server yet, just working on a project that will pay for it, so don’t trash your old host juuuusssttt yet…