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Originally posted by ila_solomon
Kirt, please make the concept threads unique & stick it on the top!

But there are already 4 sticky threads at the top. If I stick all of the concepts threads it may push the regularly updated threads to page 2 (depending on how many threads you have displayed in your viewing options). I really don’t want to do that. Modellers can copy the URLs to their own threads if they want. I don’t have a problem with that.

Originally posted by sone_one
[B]i have to agree here… it has become quite confusing. i for myself dont know what you want the hero to be like…

at first theres a concept that got changed and then in the thread of blue cugar you re posting the old concept as a reference?

i dont want to offend you kirt, but if you dont know which one to be modelled you should tell us i think :slight_smile: for my hero modell i refered to the more stylised one (the newer one :D)… maybe you changed your mind and want the old one to become the modell… just tell me! :slight_smile: [/B]
Good points and I’m not offended at all. There are parts of each of my drawings that I like and I posted the old one in BlueCougar’s thread to show the shape of his feet. I’m really not trying to confuse anyone.

What I’d like to see is the modellers take my illustrations and make an excellent model that animates well. I really don’t care if there are differences (see fist’s spaceship for example), just so long as it doesn’t look too odd or doesn’t fit with the style. I may nitpick on some little details (i.e. the 3 nostril problem on ila’s alien), but that’s only because it may strike me as visually odd.

The modellers, animators, texture artists, etc. that work on this with me are artists as well. I’d be rather fat headed of me if I were to ignore their skills and talents and just dictate how I wanted everything to appear. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to work on this if I did. So, I’m trying to give everyone the opportunity to use my illustrations and ideas for inspiration to put out some excellent work.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s how most of the studios work as well. Check out the “Art of … any film” book and you’ll find that the concept art only resembles the finished product. The final models, set designs, etc. are created by the modellers not the concept artists.

im quite confused and i dont like the fact you havent made a statement on my model… just wanna be honest and not offensive… hope its “takeable”

I saw that Ila had already commented on your model and I really didn’t have anything else to add at this point so I didn’t. I’m sorry if you were waiting on a critique from me.

The reason that I made Ila modelling supervisor (other than his expertise) is so that I wouldn’t have to comment on every model after each update. If you need additional comments, just ask him. Ila’s a very generous gentleman, I’m sure he won’t mind helping you out with your model.

I do look at everyone’s threads and check for updates frequently, but I don’t always have the time to make a comment right away. If I do see something that is really off or if I have an idea from your progress then I will make it a point to speak up.

Please don’t get discouraged … if anyone else has any concerns please feel free to post them in this thread. If not, then just keep working and updating. I’ll chime in when needed … promise.



ok thanks thats what ive been in need of in some way :slight_smile:

now everything is clear again and that is what i like circumstances to be :beer:

no need to reply on my post above… you allready did :slight_smile: thank you.
ive havent had a very good feeling to have to tell you but theres been no workaround anymore in my opinion. now i know whats going on and im happy that these bad feelings are gone now ;).

oh and one thing to add… thnks for the opportunity, workin aside pros :slight_smile: (imanewbie :)) on this project. you did and are doing a great job


oh and one thing to add… thnks for the opportunity, workin aside pros :slight_smile: (imanewbie :slight_smile: ) on this project. you did and are doing a great job
I hate to be the one to tell you this and I can’t really speak for the rest of the talent here … but I’m no pro and I think most of us here will say the same. FYI - If you didn’t catch it earlier. I work at a bank and this is my first time directing anything other than getting my kids to clean up their rooms. We’re all learning. Thanks for the kind words, but I’m not doing any greater than everyone else here. :thumbsup:

Now get back to work. :smiley: :wip:


Originally posted by Kirt
FYI - If you didn’t catch it earlier. I work at a bank and this is my first time directing anything other than getting my kids to clean up their rooms.

oops :eek: hehe i thought youd be workin in this bussiness the whole day when lookin at your profile on the expose site and your homepage… my fault :wink: (btw…what a waste of talent :D)

but i think it doenst matter at all… there are other things, why im considering someone a pro… you get the point i think :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Kirt
Now get back to work.

be sure ill do :smiley:


…If I stick all of the concepts threads…

Yes kirt, that’s right, so that’s the reason I asked to put all the concepts into one & unique thread for faster access. :slight_smile: anyway you are right, modelers probably copied the needed concepts in their local storages. just for new comers. :thumbsup:
[hey, I don’t know your children’s name yet!]

& to the modelers: I’m more man of ACTION rather than THEORY, so if you’ve encountered a major problem, you can send me your mesh so I can examine it, or at least submit clean screenshots! :smiley: thanx. (damn! remote/offsite directing is HARD for me!)


btw…what a waste of talent
… my boss would argue that I’m very talented at my data processing job as well. :smiley: I must be doing something right there, I can process accounts for 19 full service branches and we’re a billion dollar bank as well (I didn’t raise the billion dollars myself, but I’ve been around for sometime). snicker

:shrug: Whatever … I don’t know how these things happen, I just somehow ended up in this career path. Benefit of being both analytical and creative I suppose.

[hey, I don’t know your children’s name yet!]

Maybe I should be more protective of the info I provide. I mentioned them all in one of my 1300+ posts.

Go search. laughs hysterically :smiley:


Hi Guys.

I just wandered into this forum completly by chance and saw what you all were up to, and I’d really love to take a shot at modeling your space-ship concept in the “beginning” thread.

I consider myself a near-expert level modeler, and an intermediate texturist, so I believe that I can produce something of film quality, and it’ll be up to you if you want to use it in your short or not.

Just PM me if you’re interested.




:wavey: 0/x

translation = “Hello DivideByZero”
Answers to commonly asked questions

It’s not “if we’re interested” … question is, are you interested? If “yes”, then go for it. We’re waiting for your first update.


Alright, sounds good.

I just saw a couple of other ship WIPs posts here, so I hope I’m not stepping on anyones toes here by volunteering. :shame:

Kirt, I dont want to be a hassle, but have you got a page or something setup where I can see any of the concept sketches you’ve made of the ship so far? Or any other way i could get them?



All of the concept art has been posted on this forum.

The hard way to find it
At the bottom of the index page, change the display settings to show all threads from “the beginning”. Then you may have to look back a page or two (depending on what your personal settings for this forum are).

The easy way to find it
Click on this link that I’ve graciously provided :smiley:


I added quick links to the Frequently Asked Questions thread. You may have also noticed that some of the names listed in the Credits Page are now linked to appropriate threads (I’m still working on this one).

Hopefully this helps finding those elusive threads. :argh:


Kirt and Gang,
Recently I hope you all have seen the post about there being another film called “Alienz”. If we need to chhange the name then we need to pick alternate names. I have pondered this and came up with:

  • The WayWards: because these alienz seem to be wayward juveniles
  • Kids in Space hehe
  • Adventures of Zerp and Flang
  • The Curious Duo
    Just a few… I’m kinda partial to the first one.
    Just a thought


Like I said in the other thread … it’s not a major concern right now. However, if we have too :

“Illegal AlienZ” or “CGTalk: AlienZ” might be my first picks.


Phew, I just finished reading the BIG THREAD and now my eyes are melting onto my shirt. I noticed you have about 210,428 people that want to model stuff and I figured that got kinda old. Lucky for you, my talents are with FX (Dirt, dust, explosions, smoke etc.) I know it’s still early in the project so I’m willing to wait to do stuff which is goo because I am currently working on that Earth Explosion shot (see sig) so you can look at it if you want to see an example of some of my work. Just a suggestion. You guys might ALL want to watch Lilo & Stitch for some help on animating. I love that movie and believe it to be quite similar to this project… Anyway, hope I can get a chance to help out here. Very Excited! :smiley: I’ll try an do some preliminary stuff though like laser blasts or whatever. Wondering if anyone has attempted the Nurb spheres bouncing around the cockpit shot yet. I have a slight understanding of Rigid Body Dynamics which might be good for that. BTW I use 3D Studio Max 5 so I might need help with conversion between that and Maya… :cool:


hey guys… i think we are in quite a quiet phase of production right now, huh? i think a good way to get the ball rolling again is to make a list of small modeling (and other) tasks for everyone. There’s loads of props to be modeled… those things seem like small tasks now, but they still have to be done. I think such a list would be great because everyone could just pick an item when he’s in the mood and model away for a few hours, getting another small part done.

just and idea to keep the ball rolling until we have complete storyboards and everything planned out…what do you guys think? :beer:


I requested that long ago, Yeah your right we are on this dul phase rightnow… Kirt has been super busy I understand and I’m willing to wait out the storm.


sorry koinu, i didn’t notice that. i understand that kirt is very busy right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue working though…


Ah, well it’s been two and a half months since I’ve visited the wonderful world of AlienZ… I am kind of glad that there is no Gun completed yet… I am still here, still interested in doing things for the project and just hoping to get some time to work on this (not to mention get some hours logged on my XSI investment). I may be in a postioin to do just that soon so look out for a sweet hero gun update sometime in the next 6 weeks…

PS. Was really hoping to see some story boards… muhahahaha :slight_smile:


Here’s a topic of discussion:

What do you think if we made the backgrounds more simplified and maybe stylistic in comparison to the main props and characters? Most of the background elements could be composited and manipulated in post production which would greatly increase render times on the main elements.

For example: I saw this really nice short film in the finished gallery by biriba Run Dragon Run!, which looks like it uses mostly 2D painted sets.

What do you think? Do you like this approach or should we stick to full 3D rendered sets and backgrounds? Maybe 3D rendered, but manipulated like a 2D animated background would be?


I totaly agree with full 2D painting backgrounds, like Chuck Jones works… but with more detail/shades…hmmm, say it Kirt’s Style 2D painting.