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Hey guys… just to bring another topic up for public discussion :wink:

while i was sending cut’n’paste the space ship cockpit for some animation tests, the problem of sharing work between different apps came up…

how do you guys think we should handle this. I for one would love to do the texturing and lighting on the space ship, but i don’t think everything will transfer well to maya, especially since i’m using brazil area lights and such stuff, it wouldn’t be a big problem to switch to standard stuff though… but i guess there will still be a lot of tweaking going on in maya to get the same or similar final look someone gets in another app

the app most used besides maya in this project seems to be 3dsmax, so does anyone know how well the export functions of 3dsmax work? what does the .obj format contain? can you save all sorts of scene information in there? are there any free plug-ins that might work better than the builtin export tool?

lots of questions that need answering before i do anything other than modeling on this one :beer:


Not sure if max saved out with the shaders… I’m using Maya 4 and can export the obj.'s with textures…And check highend for the plug-ins. Other than tha I’m not sure. slice56 is working with both apps. and knows more…


use FilmBox FBX format from Kaydara … the plugin is free & available for MAX, MAYA, LW & XSI … here:


thx for the tip ila,

i just tried it and i think it should fit our needs

it stumbled across some max specific features when i exported my scene, but it still worked in maya, all we’ll have to do is fix the scale

I’ll send cut’n’paste another version of my model using this format, with his feedback I’ll rescale my model in 3dsmax so it comes out right in maya (fitting the character models)

I guess this is what everyone using a package other than maya should do to make the process smoother (?)


Yes…ILA is right… Filmbox is a great software…I’ve used it to make a Short Movie with motion capture system…very good.

The FBX format make the translation from the various software…but I doubt that it works with complex character setup.
Is it right?

I think it is usefull to translate model without use OBJ format…



KIRT + ILA + FIST : hey men…I’m looking inside the cockpit model imported in fbx format…

…well…there are 100000 objects with names like “box12” “torus10” and so on…pratically no usefull hier is present…

Do you think the model like cockpit need to be setup-ed by some modeler? (I mean…complex objs is like characters)

[nottoshabi rig]

Thank you



lol sorry man… one of my biggest faults when modeling

I’ll look into this right now… it’s not as much as 10k objects, more like a hundred, so it won’t take too long :wink:


oh and… what about the model ‘itself’, does he fit in there? how about the foot-pedals ?



well…i don’t know the proportion between cockpit and alien…only Kirt knows that! :slight_smile:

For the picture I’ve scaled the root of the cockpit at 0.05.


good renaming…
p.s. in our company we kill who put random names at the objects…



hehe i apologize 10 times :slight_smile:

you’re right of course… but you have to know that i’m not a professional in any way

renaming, hierarchy and coloring is done now
expect mail in a few minutes :wink:


mail delayed… looks like the hierarchy is causing some troubles with the scaling in .fbx


well, FBX doesn’t translate IK solvers & some minor things. you may check the compatiblity list in kaydara site.
hey i see rigging errors in alien1 ! what rig version is that ?


I am in need of the RGB values for the colors. If you can do this I’d be very happy… Hope the freelance project is going fine for you also…


ILA : you say "

hey i see rigging errors in alien1 ! what rig version is that ?

" regarding the picture of alien 1 in the cockpit?

It is not your Alien1…looking under the pic…it is nottoshabi rigg…

about the errors…looking at



I think…emmm…I think we need a … emmm… Storyboard!…for knowing how much details we need in models & where. :wink: dear?.. could we?
& it’s not necesseray to expose the storyboard in public.



We made a 10-minutes shortmovie with my company called “Puppets” (it will be released asap) in 3D with motion capture tecnologies and Maya + Filmbox softwares.
A big phase of the project was analyzing the storyboard to extract all possible problems and all necessary technical features.

It was heavy and slow phase…but it was a fundamental step to the final result.

So…I think ILA’s right.



Kirt we are starving here…


:argh: … I don’t think I’ll be entering the next CGChallenge, just so I can get some of those boards done. I know I know I know … I’m kicking myself daily for starting this project way too early.



[edit] hmmm,…maybe not!.. :wink: [/edit]


same here if i happen to like the topic…

i guess this thing will only really kick off with the boards ready, shouldn’t be a problem(?)


Originally posted by Kirt
[BI’m kicking myself daily for starting this project way too early. [/B]

yeah, kirt, I am too:rolleyes:

maybe if we write that guide, we can put that in there?

btw, when can I talk to you bout that?


ok kirt youre right…thats the right place… please be so kind and state something on the topics ive mentioned in dradamdinosaurs alien 2 thread.

i dont like it to sound harsh at all! dont take it as an insult what ive said! please :slight_smile:

there are just two things i need to mention…

  1. is very subjective and only about my personal feelings… (im used to say what my feelings are about …i think for me its the right way to go)… and im feelin kinda ignored by you. that what it is about.
    i dont think youve stolen your time and are only here to comment my threads and progression, but i think the model is at a point where i can hardly develope, what is wanted by you, without any comment by you…

just tell me you dont like it if thats the case, but getting no response at all is kinda depressing :shrug:

  1. its way more objective i think… please tell me/us (?) whats the latest state when it comes to concepts.
    its confusing…

as i said before… please take it as constructive crit what it is ment to be… and just to mention it …im not an english native speaker… so if somethings seem to be harsh > it isnt ment to be :wink: