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Well, I won’t argue with you about this, but I just want to say that what I wrote above is my opinion and the way the ‘policy’ of CGTalk feels to me. Sorry that it may have sounded a bit harsh, but the sentence I quoted about ‘the reputation of CGTalk’ just made me a little angry.

I will write down some suggestions in the sticky thread you’ve started. I hope that we can make the collaborative section work better together.


Hello guys. i saw these talks on a short film story on aliens. If you all like, i would supply with a lot of stories which i had created on my own on various topics like aliens, teleports, mysteries, adventures etc… My best stories are “Back to the past”, “After 2012” and “The Dragon Slayer”. If you like to make these stories into an animation film by you all, i would type down my stories section by section. Would you all agree with me? And please don’t use some complex words and difficult computer terms as i am a very young 13 year old school boy. I was always dreaming to do some animations but i am not having proper training and i cant do those complex animations on my own. Would some one give me training in those, especially in Terrain Editor and Dark basic.