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Hey Kirt, Could we post a thread to your Alienz folder for convienient access to storyboards, concepts, etc. ? Thanx


hey kirt, i’d love to work on the cockpit for that spaceship, i know the spaceship is already in the works, but is that guy also doing the cockpit?

will you be able to see the cockpit from the outside? (i know the windshield is dark and reflective, but will there be scenes where it’s open?)

if not, it would be pretty easy to integrate i guess

please tell me what to do =)


Well, I’m working on the cockpit already (Might something to show tomorrow) but be my guest and try it yourself. :wink:


Ok ive already posted to Viper that ive started and almost finished spaceship seats for aliens so il have those ready when i get back from LA in the next 3 days.


MaDuece - You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m adding concept art threads. I’ll add/update the first post in those threads with the new artwork as I complete it. I’ll also make a thread that links to the storyboards later on.

fist - Well, it looks like the interior of the cockpit has already started but you’re more than welcome to help on any part of it. The views will mostly be inside the ship. So, I imagine we’ll have to make a cut away set for the different camera angles. I don’t want to shoot through the window because that will probably obscure things with reflections on the glass.

We’ll need POV angles for both aliens looking at each other, POV angle for alien2 looking at his instrument panel, extreme closeups of both, medium shots from the front of the canopy (where we can get both in the shot) & POV angle for alien1 looking at his left panel.

This will be more clear when I get storyboards done.


Hello everyone,

is there any kind of time line regarding when this project will be finished completly I.e. animation/sound/editing/compositing. I really wonder most about the animation. How long will that take? Is 6 months, to a year from now, to short of a time for this, the animation to be completed?




JIII - We started this in January and I’m estimating 2 years for completion. So, sometime in 2005 we’ll release the final.

(info was in the BIG thread … but it’s still a good question. Last time I’m going to answer it though. So, PLEASE READ THE BIG THREAD!!) :smiley:


Bad thing is that i cant wait… at all !!! hehe

Anyways… how about a homepage about this project ? Just a short simple page showing off wip and such ? or is that going overboard hehe…


I think we must be driving kirt mad he has a small website already put up. Just look in the Big thread.

sorry about that kirt I actualy did read the big thread its just that I dont think i memorized the whole darn thing thing.

EDIT look at that we have 500 posts thats more than one third of the wings forum :slight_smile:


Holy freaking sh!t…

I leave town for a few days and look what happens… Things get organized… mass props to lildragon…

Well, I noticed the new hero gun posted in the closed starter thread and was wondering what you wanna do kirt. I can continue on it or relinquish it to the new guy… let me know, I’ll be happy to start something new if he’s got it closer to what you want…

Anyways, welcome everyone… this is gonna kick @ss!!! :buttrock: :airguitar :bounce:


JIII - Some would argue that I was mad before I started this project. :smiley: My current state of mind is refreshingly creative though. I can’t help but get inspired when I see all the great work that’s being done here. This is going to be a nice film that we can all be proud of.

JDex - I think he was modelling it just for fun. Please don’t give up on your gun. You’re so very close to completion! I like what you have shown so far.

Swoop - I don’t think we’re ready for a page yet. I want to at least have all of the characters and the storyboard done. Seems premature to go with a site when I’m still throwing up concept stuff and no one knows the full story but me and my wife. :smiley:


do we have a dedicated texturer yet or is texturing kinda of a free for all/do it yourself kinda thing.


Hey all,

Questions, questions, questions, I know but here is 1 of mine: Dont we have to agree to some name giving protocol to our models (and pieces of models)?

Like (for me):

Propanebottlehandle” is a bit long.
“PB_handle” looks better but is it OK for you guys?


ohh noooooo

i have to rename my whole scene

this tempts me to weld everything together so there is only one name.


JIII - I don’t think anyone has come forward to say that they’d do textures, but there are some that are capable of doing textures themselves. I’d have to search the original thread to find out for sure.

Wherever possible you should weld the objects together to make it easier to select items when animating them. For example, if we decided to animate Poco’s truck we want to be able to select the truck and not a windshield or mirror.

Bad example, but you get the point.

Poco - You should name them something. If you leave it as it’s default PolyCube (or whatever it is) we’ll have hundreds of them when we start assembling the scenes. It may become a problem.

I suggest an abbreviated name of the object followed by a classification (i.e. A1_rightarm for Alien1’s right arm). Something like that. Whatever makes sense to you and our animators.



Id like to help out, not to sure if Im late getting in on some of the action, if all the modeling jobs are taken, can you let me know and if I can join in what would you like me to get started on?


Despite several people showing interest in our hero, no one has started working on him yet. If you’d like to model him I’d be very happy to see some progress being done. Thanks for your help ckpew99!


I got a question about Kirts PLE version. I understand you might have upgrade by the time the project is complete and all, but im wondering on PLEs limitations. IE- can we have simle nurbs objects like eyes and hair? Also does PLE support spline curves for the rig? What about dynamics and paint FX. I guess I could also post this type of question in the Maya forum.

Oh yea, if the ALien#1 is 9 cm high than im gonna make baby 5 cm coz thats what the scale looks like, unless you say otherwise. Coz once he is rigged i dont think it can be scaled without a ton of work and redoing expressions.


deffinentely start working on the hero man. I am way to busy to actually do it, and the other guys who said they wanted it have pretty much disapered.

go for it man