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Hello men,
I think it is indispensable to open this thread to exchange the know-how.



Someone knows if it is possible to animate the “parent command” of the objects?

I mean, is it possible to unparent an object after a certain frame, without disintegrate the previous keys, when it was parented to another one, of course?

Thank you


Ciao!! Ben tornato :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly what you want I think you could do this by using a simple expression, without thinking of it too much something like:

if (frame == 16)
	parent -w child;
else if (frame == 0)
	parent child parent;

This should work even if its not too clean I think :slight_smile:
Hope it helps.


HEyla Cesco!

Thank you very much…It seems to be easy…

ach…I had to think it before :banghead:



maya 5 has animated linking :smiley:
or so im told…



…well…!! :slight_smile:

I’ll check it asap!



har… finally a 3dsmax advantage :wink:
we had that for quite some time :wip:


:smiley: LOL! hehe… hi there
(I think Paxton missed Max so mush since he got to work on Delgo, though he doesn’t say that :wink: )


your right!
although maya is much more powerfull over all, i do miss the simplicity and wonderfully efficient presets of max. and most of all… animated linking!!! :annoyed:
We do have a script here at work that mimics animated linking through some crazy combination of constraints… but thats the problem!!! you need a script to do anything in maya!!! you cant even align a rotation point of a bone or an object without a script…
oh the good ol days and the intuitive workflow of 3d max…
however I have to admit now that i know maya better, i see where its power lies… and that is its total customizability… in that respect it is almost limitless as a program… but infinantly more complicated and unintuitive than something like max at the same time

stops ranting


Yes…you center the target!

perfect analysis for me…I agree



hey cutnpaste… sorry i didnt get that rig done this weekend…
iv been working a lot of extra hours at work.
great to see youv been buisy testing the rigs. i really really want to do some tests myself… im going to msg fist about getting the spaceship model right now…

keep up all the hard work man!


don’t care,
I really over-engaged by my new flash site…

CuT site ( WIP )


hmmmmm having trouble importing the ship model, downloaded the fbx plugin, imported the ship but nothing is in the new scene…

any ideas?


false alarm…
just waited and it appeared.


well then forget my last pm :wink:


pax: maybe you have to set your maya setup to accept file with 10000000000000000 of separated objects!!!




UAH UAH…sorry Fist…I cannot did resist to say this buffoonery!!

pax: I just joking… :slight_smile:

:applause: welldoneCuT


you’re annonying cut :wip:

btw: i think it will always be a lot of objects because a lot of stuff will have to be animated… it’s not like a lot of characters where you can basically have one object :wink:

but… you’ll get animation controls :beer:




Cut, Not, Pax, grab the rigged hero and do some funny anim-test! :slight_smile: C’mon boys …
Look for it in official ftp site (you have the info!)