GeForce RTX - No vRAM Pooling


I honestly thought pooling the vRAM was the best RTX feature on a consumer card, until I saw an article posted by another user on this forums:

So… vRAM pooling is actually NOT possible on GeForce RTX cards?

If that’s the case then I’m beyond dissapointed.


According to Chaosgroup no one except them are able to use this feature at this time.


Hopefully it’s something they can enable in an update, using it for rendering is pretty much the #1 reason to get the RTX for me.


Vlado from Chaosgroup said its possible but not out of the box.
It does work in Vray GPU.


Don’t quote me on this and I need to double check, but i vaguely remember something along the lines that the RTX GeForce line of consumer products is missing parts of the crossbar link (also named NVLink… because why name anything unambiguously ?) that’s in the Quadro & Tesla SKUs.

Ram pooling is definitely not the same as SLI, so it’s not just a question of having a high-bandwidth bridge between the GPUs. Both would require application-side support with an SDK.


It’s really annoying how much they push the workstation cards for GPU rendering when the gaming cards are faster and cheaper. The smaller amount of memory was the downside though.


the blog post from Vlado is now online.



I had bought my 2080 Ti yesterday, hoping Blado would confirm the possibility of sharing VRAM through NVLink, and here we are!