Gears Of War Concept Images, John Wallin Liberto (2D)


wow… wow. your technique and skill are superb. i absolutely love these paintings. makes me want to play the game too hehe. :smiley:


youve really improved over the years man.! these are very very nice. keep kicking butt.



Fan-tastic work! I wish I was there!


Are you MONSTER?
GREAT works!!


Like everybody already said… this is awesome:eek:
How long did you spend on each one?

The level of detail is very impressive and the lighting isjust beautiful.

5 stars from me.

Well done



Nice job my friend. How long does it normally take you to produce something like this? :applause:


That is out of this world.
Simply amazing stuff.
I feel so humble…


Gday dude, that’s hardcore! The shadowing, colour and depth are all breathtaking.

Seriously top notch! and good luck with the rest of the game :buttrock:


Insane. You are insane.


wow, this is really cool~~
for concept art, this is one of the best!



Hi, John

Would you please lead me to the place you show me.
Or give me the address and buy me a plane ticket.
Then I will vote you 6 stars.

Nice Place, anyway.


I’d really have to say that you and Craig Mullins are probebly the 2 best conept artists ive ever seen …your skill is unbelivable ! There are even a couple of your concepts here that are not on your website …anyways amazing stuff I hope I get to see more of your work in the future …are you freelance or do you work for Epic ?


Wow, that’s really impressive, man that’s sooo cool :buttrock:. Congrats.

First I thought it was 3d, then i read it and, wow man, that’s crazy, this in 2d, man. I’m downloading that movie about the game, hope it’s cool. If it is, wich I expect it is, I’l buy a xbox360 too. :smiley:

The last image reminds me of City 17 from Half Life 2. :smiley:


Blimey… A staggering amount bof detail, but you can still see the brush strokes! And the lighting’s fantastic too!! These are so beautifully painted! They’ve got to be some of the best environment concepts i’ve seen!

So how long would one of these take you? And how much and what kind of reference do you use?

And any chance of a step-by-step? That would be rather splendid. Or a CGnetwork reader project perhaps…?

:slight_smile: EDiT: I’ve just been to your site and i’m really impressed with EVeRYtHiNG!! And i’m going to practice my landings!! I love sweets. Oh yes. And the ‘Colour Schemes’ is a fab idea… not sure about the blue/black fella though…


This is wonderful !!

You put me to shame… i start my job at an architects doing 2D colouring and 3D vis work on monday, and im no where near that level

im going to work though, and i will be one day… the work on your site is amazing

nice link pgonip, i could look at this work all day


Hey matey !
Congrats on your front page, every single one of your pictures could deserve it on it’s own…:applause:




very very nice pics…


Just browsed your website man, and omg @ this one

I havent read your post, but i emediatly recognised it as Gears of war art because I saw one or 2 of them used in that magazine, dammit can’t remember…

damn man, thas some crazy style, you remind me of craig mullins, only your work is alot more finished

seriously, awsome stuff! Love te archiitecture, I hope they translate it to 3d as close to this as possible.


“EDIT: uhm, somehow this thread popped up in the 3D section, but it should be in the 2D forum, Can anyone help me move it?”

thinking I might have to visit the 2d forum more often :slight_smile:

this is simply awesome work…beautiful colours & light play…well done!!


I’ve just visited your website. All of your works are breathtaking. If somebody missed that site, visit it right now.