Gears Of War Concept Images, John Wallin Liberto (2D)


Title: Gears Of War Concept Images
Name: John Wallin Liberto
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

EDIT: uhm, somehow this thread popped up in the 3D section, but it should be in the 2D forum, Can anyone help me move it? or maybe its not that big of a deal?

Wohoo! at last i got to show some images before they get too old!
these are just some of the images I’ve been working on, it’s for the upcoming Xbox360 game: Gears of War.
At the same time/post i’d like to show my new and improved ultra deluxe site: designed by the talanted Erik tolstedt
I’ll post a few in this thread and you can check out the rest on the site! cheers!


Those are very beautiful images and makes me want to play the game even more. I thought I wouldn’t get an Xbox 360, but I might for this game.

A couple questions: How long did it take, start to finish to do? And why is it in 3D even though its 2D?

And what kind of classes, if any, do you recommend for budding artists? I mainly do characters, but I want to learn how to do enivronments right so I can have a broader range of talent.



this game is gonna be insane!



This is some incredible stuff. Very impressive.


Absolutely stunning.



It’s been a long time since I looked at a picture and wondered how the hell did he/she do that?
I look forward to your tutorial after this is in the CGchoice gallery.

5 easy. :applause:


You crazy ass Swedish bastards. Great work.


Is gears of war going to be a title ready on the 360 release date? :hmm: I don’t think it was, but it was one of the better looking games.


:drool: :eek:


man…these are awesomely breathtaking conceptart…and i’m already in love with this game…:bounce:
egarly waiting for it to launch…loved the detail you got there…1st one is my fav…
i guess it doesnt looks like 2d that’s why its in this section…:smiley: hehe just kidding…
also i would love to do those in 3d…:slight_smile:
5 stars from me…


dammit you beat me!




Nice work .I like this classic texture.


Thats 2d??? Holy crap!

Incredible job!


Wonderful pic…I think if do it your self ,it may cost u so much time to finish,Great~!Good luck every day~:thumbsup: :bounce:


This is just awesome awesome stuff.

I did see some of this stuff on Shacknews about a week or so ago and wondered who is was by. I thought some of it might be Feng Zhu, as I know he’s done stuff for Epic before. Well either way, it’s all looking fantastic and I hope the in-game stuff looks as good as the concepts. :slight_smile:


<Lets out a cry as the drool shotcircuits his keyboard and explodes. Aferwards he resumes looking.>


OMG!! these are stunning!!! at first i thought they were 3D!! beautiful art and very inspiring!


Those are really nice John. It’s rare I lean into my monitor to get a closer look at something impressive…these definatly made me lean closer.


Fabulous work. Truly breathtaking.:applause: