gear change WIP blocking


hey guys this dapoon here. i’m trying to do a gearchange of an indian traffic policeman. it’s still a WIP. do suggest how i can make it better! thanks!


I didn’t look at it with a critic eye. Only watch it to see what it was. I like it so far. Nice job! I’ve seen some of your other works to. I like your style of animation. You have some nice work from what I’ve seen. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


That looks very great :slight_smile: Nothing to say here! Keep it up!


thanks guys! i’ll be opening it this week, hopefully finishing it too!

@ ajfrank, thanks for liking my other work as well! :slight_smile: cheers!


hey guys i’m done with it, although it cud still use some tweaks here and there. do check it out.


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