GDSWorld: The Journey (Year long search for the perfect medium)


Some work from today. A portrait study as a warm-up, a self-portrait, multiple noses from ref. A Matte painting still in progress from DT and a wip of Maxilla in Z-brush. Fun day!


Haven’t poster here for a while.
I’ll add the past images soon.
Skull study, some gestural drawings and a preview of a master study that i’ll upload tomorrow.


Rembrandt study is now finished. It was a great study and I learnt a lot from it.


wow!such a great job!very inspiring


@iiiokkibar- Thank you!

I ran out of time to enter the contest this week so a really quick kit bashed concept.



My entry for the bi-weekly contest at Concept World.


Resetting the marathon again, so this is number 1. Don’t ask why…


Day 2
Drawing from reference, pointing out errors and finally getting into anatomy.


Hello!What a great idea to point out errors!You really know what to do)i believe this method is the fastest way to achieve mastery :buttrock: keep posting ,please,its very very useful for me) best wishes from me :slight_smile: P.S I subscribed to your youtube channel


@iiiokkibar- Thank you, i’m flattered by your comment.
I will do from now on.

Anatomy study sheet and a colour portrait fail for today:


nice!but pay more attention to eyes)Drawing eye detail from David’s head can help)keep pushing!


@iiiokkibar- Thanks for the ref images. I’ll definitely be paying more attention to that. My eyes are weak.

In a rush forgot to save the study I did this morning so only a portrait sketch for today.

Where is CS6 when you need it.


Been trying some solid brushes and capturing the essence of a skull. I quite like it.


Sketchathon Day:
Paintover by others and a Zbrush bust.


Portrait and Skull i’ve been working on today:


Day 8: Finished Beth’s portrait and then tried some lighting effect.
And a skull lighting test from this morning.


Some new work and studies.


Form practise from last few days


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