GDSWorld: The Journey (Year long search for the perfect medium)


Hey Everyone,

I’m on a year long journey to find my a style and medium that works for me and i’ll be keeping this sketchbook updated with my latest works.
I started the journey 3 weeks ago and have already tried Watercolour and Ink. Bare in mind that i’m a Digital artist so this is all new to me.
If you’re interested in my work, you can follow my journey on my youtube channel or if you prefer facebook then

If you have any feedback to help me improve please let me know and my mates occasionally challenge me to try different things, if you think you have a challenge which you think will push me
as an artist. Just write it down below and i’ll give it my best shot.

My website is live now, and i’ll always be adding more content to it as I go along.

This week, the medium is markers:

From a life drawing session with Adrian Dutton (London)

Zbrush Skull study




Was trying to imitate Sam Spratt’s style and play around with a few brushes. Hope you like it?


Chinatown speedpainting




Fashion studies using a ball point pen.


Some studies, 10 min ipad sketches and bottom is 10 min colour studies on computer.


Some skull studies from reference.


10 min studies from this morning.


I’m kinda tired today as its been a long and hectic day.
But I still pushed myself to draw some anatomy.
All studies 10 min each.


Photo study for today.


Work in progress, an arena.


Nice sketchbook.
In my opinion you are putting your energy in secondary stuff, as style and medium are.
Are you that pleased with your perspective skills, your anatomy, form representation, silhouettes, color theory, design etc, etc (all fundamental stuff) as to starting to worry about secondary stuff?
I will exagerate a little here, and i’ll say that medium and style mean nothing until all those mentioned things (and more) are mastered, as well as the best car bodywork means nothing without a motor, or even with a so so motor.
So i’m not even criticizing your work, but your mindset related to were to put the energy to improve as a concept artist.
Bottom line, my suggestion would be to stick to one medium and forgetting about style until you have the fundamental skills.

Cheers, hope that this was helpful (at least a little) to you.


Hey JM-art, I totally agree with you and I think you’ve really opened my eyes into something that has been lingering my mind for last couple of weeks. I thought I knew where I was going with my career but you’re totally right. I’ve started to take the fundamentals more seriously now and I hope you get to see some improvements in my work. Cheers.

A study I started some time ago. Just finished it today:


Picked up Loomis’s Drawing the Head and Hand book today. Read 26 pages and wow oh wow! It’s incredible.
Download it free here:

Jay Sean’s portrait, built using Loomis’s construction technique (Ref used). Will finish it later.


My first portrait that I rendered using a ball point pen.


Digital sketches:

Started with some real life studies from stuff around my pc and then moved onto doing a sketch study. Will probably finish it off tomorrow.


Some skull studies, a colour study and a painting from memory.