Gaze, Serge Ossipov (3D)


Title: Gaze
Name: Serge Ossipov
Country: Russia
Software: Maya

The face is made of polygons, done with Maya.
I used fast SSS for the skin shader and high resolution photo texture. C&C are most welcome


amazing, simply amazing, great modeling, and the textures are awesome…the added make-up is very well done…good job:beer:


the texture of the skin is good.
the eyes are beautiful.
nice work :thumbsup:


Nice work! Particularily on the skin shader and texture. The face seems a little plain, and would have benefited from some more visible hair on the screen, but the overall look is great. The realistic lighting and depth of field really adds to it.
Strange coloured eyes though - contact lenses perhaps?
Nice touch with the light reflector being visible in her eyes.

(I love the arnie on your website!)


I hadn’t seen this kind of extreme close-up in CG. Funny isn’t it, how it puts both you as the maker and us as the spectators in a different world. Just a couple of centimeters from a complete head to this cut.
When you get this close and try to maintain realism, you can expect lots of comments like: the DOF isn’t intense enough and yeah, that is a strange eye color. And the make-up is great.
One thing I can’t understand, because I think it is simple laziness (while the rest is so well done) is that nostril that is just visible/not visible. Also, from a model photographers point of view, I’m sure the way her chin meets her neck leaves question.

Bu blabla bla… I think it’s great.

You know, it’s more the stunning way this is done than that woman. Because I’d say no to her wedding proposal.

more bla.

keep it up. It is truly stunning.


Its almost perfect, except it needs some faint shadows below the nostrils and eyelids.
It also needs some more wetness in the eyes. A thin line of water on the lower eyelid.
And darker eyelashes and more bump on the skin.

Modelling and texturing is excellent :thumbsup:


здорово!!! только чуть каменная. gooood!


amazing work
congratulations :slight_smile:


this is really nice

i like lighting & texturing .:slight_smile:


Wow what a perfect face!Beautiful subject.Great model,perfect render.


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