Gaudi Fall, Peter Swigut (3D)


Title: Gaudi Fall
Name: Peter Swigut
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I was inspired by great Antoni Gaudí architecture and thought it would looks good in fall diffused light.

Thank You




5 stars


wow this is wonderfull dude i love the lighting, he is just so amazing 10000 stars lol
no seriously i love it could you explain the lighting and texturing process (renderer too) because the modeling is quite simple but as i said, i’m really impressed by your light and ambience


This is incredible! I really did your work man. Keep it up!

oh! please get rid of that camera bounce between your wireframe and the final composite, it’s really distracting. I had to look at the animation again from the middle on to aprreciate it. Besides that, really inspiring.


Piotrze :slight_smile:
The overall feeling and the lighting are beatiful, also very good composition and POV. I like it :slight_smile:


No przepieknie :slight_smile:

Very nice image! Agree 100% the above posts. Don’t you think it could be interresting if you added some people - just wonderring.



Good work! I love the painterly look! The sky is simply amazing!
You should try adding a bit more bounced light in the foreground…it’s a bit too dark…I think you could bring it up just a tad and it would make the image sooo much better.

Just my opinion.


Awesome piece.


Wow this looka absolutely amazing!
Great composition and phantastic colors…
This is a really amazing picture… Thumbs up!


great composition depth of field and playing with colours :buttrock:


very nice coposite and lighting .:thumbsup:


hey thanx for comments!

I used vray light which gives this type of diffused light as for texturing i just put one texture for everything and than painted in PS It saved me lots of time:)

jurek dzieki!:slight_smile:

I wanted to add people but I wasnt satisfied with animation and I lived it as it is for now, maybe in future I get rid of this overdone camera shake and add people and even boats:)

leif3d I agree 100% thanx


thanks for the explanation could you post a screen of your scene ( to see were you put your light…) again, really beautifull


great stuff!i love the dezign and execution!


Nice environment!!
I love the buildings and textures!!


Congrat eol! You are in Choice Gallery!:applause:


really awesome work. the animation is brilliant and the images is just as cool. The small img is really nice to me, it lets me immagine all the small imperfections of the buildings. Nice volumetric composition of the buildings too. Great to hear someone is using the great Gaudi as inspiration


I have only one thing to say eol: amazing artwork.
I really love the painterly look of this picture !



very cool


Show guy!