Gates To Elysium, Christian Hecker (2D)


i had projects where i needed more time to finish them. but for the recent time this was one of the long timers. =) glad you like what you see. maybe i will try to animate this one a bit more when i find the right time and mood. the pic will definitely be submitted to the books… so… lets see what happens :slight_smile: i’ll be open for everything. hehe

thanks a lot for your feedback. that’s good motivation! nod


simply breathtaking

if I can (can I?) move a critic, some clouds are a little, very little bit choky


of course. critique is what this all is about. :slight_smile: thanks for your feedback sir. :slight_smile:


Truly awesome work.
It´s always breathtaking to look at your paintings…

Greetings to Nuremberg!


Hey bud congrats on this piece.

Never seen you over here before. :slight_smile:


That is the most beautiful render i have seen all year.


Wow … beautiful work that has real feel of space & weight … love it.


the year is not over yet. =) i’m glad you like what you see. :slight_smile: thank you.


hey man, thank you! yup i’m here for a while now. =) a buddy of mine just said “the cg world is very small” and he was right. :smiley: the same faces everywhere. :slight_smile:


really nice matte paint, look one dream


This has got to be, to me, the best futuristic landscapes I’ve seen this year. It’s the quality of workmanship that you’ve given that inspires me to better understand what I am into and where I can go from there…as well as inspire me to attempt something out of my normal genre.

Very well deserved.


Really excellent work, the several hours you’ve put into it definately show. Scale is impressive, just plain awesome.


incredible, work, nice concept and execution of the final product :beer:


i’m glad you enjoy it. :slight_smile: thanks for your feedback sir. very appreciated! :slight_smile: To create something that inspires others is one of the ultimate goals :slight_smile:


This is a great work, I appreciate the marvel


Register as a new user, to see such a great work, I am very shocked


Awsome work and would look amazing as a large size print, cant help thinking that the texture or whatever of the mountains nearest the camera could have a little more detail but as I vue user I know of the difficulties of brining out the finer details of these things great work though and that was only a nit pick.

I can imagine it being great fun to put together like a giant puzzle! Great work, keep meaning to put something together in this method when I find the time and motivation.

Well well done!


Looking great



so beauti,wao


enormous work.
I like the color and details.