Gates To Elysium, Christian Hecker (2D)


What a great image. Beautiful designs and shape of building modelled. I’m very inspired by your working style and this concept too. Very nicely executed overall. Anychance of us seeing at your wireframe? :applause:

Edit - Just saw the aftereffect reel of this scene. Really blows me away how careful your layers and passes were adjusted. Breathtaking and congrats for the award!


This is a very beautiful scene! Awesome concept! Wonderful bldgs.
Would like to learn more about these “Gates to Elysium” :slight_smile:


really awesome piece, well deserved award!
Remember! getting a cg award is much more difficult nowadays, and your submission really deserves it!
Thanks for sharing your thought and excellent note in your blog!
Keep it up


absolutely Amazing work and Congratulation for the award
but just one small thing: The clouds close the red light area must be more transparent I think


glad you enjoy the picture and my work :slight_smile: thank you


the clean work and extra time i invested saved me on this one. even if a render takes a lot of time… in the end it can help you tremendously. rendering the main elements in single takes also helped me to control the picture much better. so i had everything separate and on standalone layers which really helped me when i photoshoped it. =)

wireframe 1 -
wireframe 2 -


thank you very much :slight_smile:


Stunning & epic image! You deserve an award for this picture for sure:thumbsup:
The video was amazing to see your workflow…fantastic composition.I wish someday have a award like that on my page too:D



Congratulations, mate:)


great one !!


Just amazing matte painting !

Congratulations, nice to see the resources you used to accomplish it.
Great video you did ! That’s awesome, you did spend a lot of time and effort on it, all that well paid back :slight_smile:
You deserve a full page on a Ballistic publishing.

BTW, I saw some of your other work, you rock a lot ! Good to know about you, a true source of inspiration and a very talented artist, I have much respect !

Best wishes,


Your artwork has improved incredibly, especially over the efforts you left for imagineFX, not that long ago, way to go and congratulations on your efforts!!



So impressive, good job.:thumbsup:


Really a great work. I like the mood, the lighting contrast. You made of a popular subject a very original composition. Really well done.



Epic Tig! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

G x


Awesome work, the sense of scale is simply epic…beautiful!



thanks for your feedback sir. :slight_smile: very appreciated. it’s nice to hear being an inspiration. that’s the biggest compliment to get. =) thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Very nice image and great inspiration. Excellent work.



so beautiful!!