Gates To Elysium, Christian Hecker (2D)


Title: Gates To Elysium
Name: Christian Hecker
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, Vue

This is my benchmark painting for this year. That means it’s something i invested a special amount of time into. I started with c4d and daz3d city blocks. I took them apart to isolate the models i was interested in, and used the cutted models to build me the structures you see in the pic. It was a lot of fun to take something apart to create something completely new with it.

The final render was composed with vue and also rendered in different passes. Basically for each hero element i rendered a single picture. All in all it were surely 40/45hrs of render time.

Photoshop kicked in to bring it all together. As well for enhancing and adding different effects. With help of painting and manipulation i tickeled the juice out of the renders i made.

Intuos3 - Photoshop cs4 - Vue7 - 7hrs Preparation & Concept Phase - 40hrs Rendertime - 20hrs Postwork

Specific Info & Video & Wallpaper Pack:



Beautiful, I love it! To me it feels like something they’d want to do in a new star wars movie :slight_smile: My only crit is those clouds nearest the bright light seem to have odd edges. I think it might be that the glow around them is too uniform? I am not sure… Great job though!


totally outstanding! This is something worthy of large print and a really nice frame!

I do agree about the clouds…weird, but interesting, edges…

Overall great work!


Incredible painting. I’ll have to disagree with the comment on the clouds actually. In my view, the closer the clouds are to the lights, the crisper the edges should be. The light focuses the density of the clouds as opposed to the muddy, soft clouds that have no specific light. Either way, beautiful painting.


wow Hecker
amazing concept!
I really love the image
the atmosphere and the buildings are very inspiring.

And, of course, very well rewarded for so many time spent working.
congratulations man!!


Woah. An inspiration. Matte is something I’ve yet to really get into. I’d love to make visual scapes like this.

So Good.


Lovely work!

Keep it up.


finally someone who understands why the clouds look how they actually look. :slight_smile: a lot of people don’t understand how the lighting works in this picture. thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:


thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: glad you like the result here. nod


thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


i love it! u rendered with ar?


Stunning work man! and it’s plugged to front page as deserved! :beer:


That is the most beautiful render i have seen all year.


very fine top quality work :wink:


The atmosphere is amazing. The clouds really create sense of massiveness of everything. On the other hand it achieves a certain calm evening event you would see if you were living in there. Truly majestic piece of work.


Great concept, truly inspirational work!
From what I can see this represents a paradigm shift in future architecture. Also reminds me a little of Ryan Church’s work. Really like the other works on your web site - another bookmark added.


I am in love! That’s perfectly my kind of image. Jaw-dropping massiveness not to say epic! I kind of wish I could see that in a 3D movie.


very good work. :thumbsup:


This image is epic! Huge mega structures all over the place disappearing into the distance! Super… - hmmmm, another 300 years and that’s our grand kids 7 generations(?) from now. - Gus… add on here, your gallery is inspiring…


look !