Gate in an empire Aid. Expedition. , Alexandr Melentiev (3D)


Title: Gate in an empire Aid. Expedition.
Name: Alexandr Melentiev
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Work on competition " of the Eighth miracle of light ". It is an input in the underground world of the god Aid.

The large size of all pictures:


Great idea, excellent work.
I wanted to create something like this :applause:


really a great image, congrats !


Thank. I am glad, that you liked work. :bounce:The large images necessarily look.


Impressive stuff mate!


very rare work!!


5 светил (5 stars) :thumbsup:


Absolutley mind-blowing image! Incredible sense of scale. Great work!


Beautiful image man, i love it. :love:


Thanks for the good comments! :applause:


nice render !


Wow… impressive work !


in the close up of the characters I see they could have a better integration with the environment (maybe some twaks in the AmOcc pass), but overall is excellent!



All work is made in 3dmax and back background too.



Brilliant! I love these massive structure type images. Superb my friend!



very nice… feels very epic.

Love the large scale feel. :thumbsup:


The image really inspires awe and curiousity to the nature of those bohemoth ruins. The vertical composition and fine detail are what do it for me. It’s a huge and imposing structure, but what really piques my interest is that gapping pit and what it might lead to…I suspect trouble.


Lovely work, great sense of scale!


The large very large thank for kind words! I am very glad, that you liked work!:buttrock:


Impressive! Very nice work, you did well conveying the scale of the structure. :slight_smile: