Garuda KR-0K MAIN, Alex Senechal (3D)


Title: Garuda KR-0K MAIN

Name: Alex Senechal

This weapon was created during my class at Game Art Institute, I am teaching again in September. Final renders done after the class, modeled in Subd.
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The Garuda KR-0K-HPC is a hand held weapons system with M.M.M.S (Modular Mobile Missle System) which allows it to create a diversion or execute combatants with ease. Featuring a high rate of fire, akin to antiquated ballistic weapons such as the minigun but with much more destructive capabilities. This weapon fills the hole left by smaller arms in the Garuda Public Arsenal. ItÂ’s unique Force Manipulation Array -(F.M.A)- creates diamond shaped distortions in the visual spectrum, a by product of the volumes they generate which serve to focus and compress the massive amounts of energy expelled by the Projection Cannon Unit. - GARUDA-


Killer as always!


Great Work!