Garkhar- The Orc Warboss, Herbert Lowis (3D)


Title: Garkhar- The Orc Warboss
Name: Herbert Lowis
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI

This is my first character for my VFS reel.
I designed and sculpted the character to begin with, then fully modeled in XSI 4.0.
The render itself is a test using XSI 4.2.
Any critique and comments are very welcome.


Excellent execution.


Nice to see it finally come together!
Seems alot cleaner in this render than your previous ones in your wip.
Good Job man.


Hi herbert … conglaturation !! finally, you finished work which is so nice… I like you modeling… If you post your real figure ,it will be better. I hope that you take a cgtalk choice award.


the detail in this is fantastic. It’s mostly polygons?
The face has a lot of detail too. You wanna post a seperate closeup on his face?
Love the mount-him-on-a-pedestal model-maker thing. Nice execution.


very good job herbert…this final render looked really good. hope you can post his cool face shape animation too. :thumbsup:


This is really awesome , great model , and nice details


hi guys , thanks for the replies :).
golly: yep, he is made from 100% polygon
To see the original sketch and sculpture, use this link:,sculp,drawsmallerres.jpg

I also made some test animation on the face shape:

and the WIP :

cheers guys,


Cool work man.

Looking forward to your next model and your finished demo reel.



Nice! great to see this finaly finished. i wonder about you guys every now and again.

awesome work man. glad to see that things are still comming along.


It’s very beautiful :slight_smile:
Good character :wink:


Very cool orc :slight_smile:


hey John! nice to hear from you, where are you now? back in US?
keep in touch man, and thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


awesome work herbivore,
those late nights at school making fun of wes payed off , haha
very inspirational work i enjoyed seeing you take this from an idea in your head to concept drawing , scupture , research and finally the end product, best of luck in the coming months… :slight_smile:

**someone plug this quick .


Holy! Awesome work man! Simply amazing! :eek:


Astonishing work!! :deal:


wow, just insane!


wonderful work. reminds me of my teengeek days when i used to paint those ad&d the anatomy and the texturing. and the over all detail. very inspiring.


Finally I can see this orc! …and I say WWWOOOOWWW!!!


is it rigged or was it modeled in that pose?

riggin all those chains and plating would SUCK…but would make any animations amazing.