Gangsta game character, Bernardo Barbi (3D)


Nice work. The only thing I don’t like is that cigar. It looks like its hanging out of his mouth kind of.

Other than that 4 stars.


Nossa seu trabalho é demais. Também trabalho com Cinema 4D.
Parabéns pela foto. Muito impressionante.

Abraços. ferinha


More than anything the lips add character to the face. Bravo on the cigar, a touch of brilliance.


OKAY this model rocks, you have great texture maps and some sweet reflections on those glasses…Excuse me I have to barf now… Okay better now. WOW BROTHER… I MEAN HOLY SH*T WOW,…LOOK @ THIS…I applaude you for a great model and a great set up. KUDO’S TOP PICK IN MY VIEWS!!!


wow! :slight_smile: great!


Meu irmão!! você manda muuuuuuuuuuito.
Tu trabalha em algum studio aqui no Brasil???
eh dificil ver alguem com esse PODER por aqui.
Parabens mesmo man!! flwww…


Want to see some DoA xtreme pole dance feturing kasumi, ayane, hitomi and kokoro??

Check out this video:




Heeeey, always doing good stuff! congratulations!

Parabéns Barbi!


Quite the piece, congrats :slight_smile:


gr8 feel of expression…and nice lighting work too…:buttrock:


great work !
detail textures…very nice imagery.
keep it up.



The pores on his skin to the lighting and how is reflected from the color tone of the character’s skin is just eye candy at its best.


5 stars !5 stars !5 stars !5 stars !
real skin…I like it


good work …congratulation:thumbsup:


looks like there should be a bullet hole in his sunglasses. great job.


you done a superb job …


Great work! texture is good.


This is absolutely stunning. Since he’s a gangster though, I would have given him a little more worn look, perhaps a scar or maybe pock marks. Regardless, it’s still flawless.


Igor Brasil


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