Gangsta game character, Bernardo Barbi (3D)


Title: Gangsta game character
Name: Bernardo Barbi
Country: Brazil
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi all,
My last work.

This work was inspired in the rich games universe.

All comments and critiques are welcome



Wow, very impressive!


Very good , very good !

5 stars !


great character. lighting is beautiful!

imho, while bg is clearly noisy, blurred areas of head are a bit eye distracting, is it c4d dof(which i don’t like) or post in ps?


yeaaa mate…xtreme nice work!!!


Well done. Brilliant modelling, texturing, and lighting. I can’t find a fault though I’m a little mystified as to how a road of oncoming traffic is reflected is his glasses, but maybe that’s a good thing.


yeah that’s cool skin shaders are really awsome.


It is just amazing, Bernardo. Congrats!:thumbsup:


man this is so great :slight_smile: congrats , i still… no no this is not low poly :smiley:


I dont know if I’m just weird, but facial details around the cheeks and lips look exactly like morgan freemans.
Anyways, awsome job.


Wow , excellent work!


Hi great work! Just one thing I noticed the cigar label texture is flipped. I really like the skin texture looks really good!!


Excellent modeling and textures. Not only that, but you took the time to create a great lighting setup for the model too. Congrats on a job well done. :thumbsup:


good model and lighting :wink:


Wow, thats awsome.

I really like the atmosphere the lighting gives. Although the reflection in the sun glasses kind of confuses me about where he is. Awsome image.


Great work. Congrats for the front page! :thumbsup:


how comes it sez game character? its not low poly. i guess its for fmv or cover art?

congats btw. great cg


great lighting added 5 more stars above the great model to me… Nice…!


front page very well deserved. Awesome work! 5++


Good lighting, nice character.