Gangsta Chimp, Matt Cioffi (3D)


Title: Gangsta Chimp
Name: Matt Cioffi
Country: United States
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

hi folks,
here’s my latest image. the premise was a bit non sequitur. i was modeling the hand gun for something else and i was putting the chimp into a suit for a different idea -then badda bing -i did this instead. this serves as a modeling and texturing demo. there’s no touch up other than compositing and post effects. hope you enjoy

will post more break downs at some point
matt cioffi


Great model man…rendering looks very realistic!!! Any chance on seeing some wires:thumbsup:




:applause: Sir you have just made my day with this.



Very nice image. The first thing it reminded me of was “pulp Fiction” would love to see two of theese talking about a 1/4 pounder and cheese


very very nice a like that one ,good job .

can we see the hypershade for the head



awesome! 5 stars, nothing to crit.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


that’s soooo sweet, great work man, love the detail. The velvety look on his suit is awesome, lighting is great too. top notch, no crits from me :applause:


tarentino shi* here man, my god, I luv it, gives you a sense of humanity at it’s most raw form I luv the idea…even if you didnt really go for that idea ;)…mega props big boi…big up’ big up…


fantastic, the concept was great and you’ve pulled it off very well


Awesome work! Frickin mean a$$ looking monkey there. Wouldn’t want to roll in his neck of the woods.


Amazing, simply perfect!


Oh man, its just beautifull, with such tremendous quallity in everything. the hand holding the gun its so good, and that highlight detail on the nail in the finger thats pulling the trigger reveals so much attenction to detail, all stars for you, tremendous demo, awsome render!:scream:


Muy buen trabajo. exelente render

9 / 10 :thumbsup:


Lancelot Link!


Thats frickin ace - looks perfect!

Gotta love the look on his face, and the materials are spot on.

Spectacular work mate!

Chimps rock :buttrock:

Even more so when dressed in a suit and brandishing a handgun


Awesome modeling man! And rendering ofcourse :wink:

I saw the chimp earlier before when it wasn’t fully finished but now, it makes him look radically different due to the suit and the gun :D:D

Simply beautiful man! from me :applause:


Amazing work and detail, love the pose and style.
Keep it up:thumbsup:


great work dude!!

Nice modelling and textures!

Congratulations man!


soooooooo cooooooool:thumbsup: