Games modeled with lightwave


Any games for PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox, Gamecube, Saturn, N64 made using Lightwave?


Scroll down to the games section. I don’t think the list is complete but there are some major titles there.


any other games because I remember seeing alot of games made with LW that aren’t listed in the newtek website.


Lightwave seems to be used a lot of console games in Japan. In the past Namco and Sony have been a major Lightwave user, not sure about right now though. Dstorm has developed tools for Playstation 1 and 2 and Game Cube. When Sony released the enduser PS1 dev system LW was the default 3D tool.

Black Isle uses Lightwave and from what I’ll read they used it for the console versions of Baulder’s gate. I’m not sure on other console developers.


hmnn, I couldn’t find this link on :wink:
I was looking for it too…

Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions :bowdown:

btw, I see it’s used much more than I thought, Ut2k3 used it and lots of movies :thumbsup:


snickrep - I’ve noticed you asking in a couple of forums now what programs are used for what, and I’m wondering why? :curious:

I always find it kinda odd the way people are so interested in what apps are used for what - why does it matter so much? It’s like people who buy programs based on what they have seen on those programs galleries. Just because one person can make something in a particular program, that doesn’t guarantee that you would be able to do the same if you got it :slight_smile:

Artists are all different, and in the end, the final product has a lot to do with the actual artists abilities, it’s not just to do with the actual capabilities of the software.

I’ve been using LW for 2 years now, and I don’t even know what it’s been used for, apart from stuff that has been mentioned here on this forum from time to time.

I’m saying all of this in case you are pondering a software purchase, and are basing it on prior production history of that app :slight_smile:

As for keeping ones options open, I know Max really well, and am learning Maya, because those two are the most widely used apps out there, and I wouldn’t want to lose out on potential work one day simply because I don’t know those programs. You should keep that in mind if you are contemplating what programs to learn - learn as many of them as you can, that’s what I always say :wink:


Well I am not going to buy a software because some other company uses it or because what I say in a art gallery made with the software. I downloaded the cinema 4D demo and got the lightwave discovery cd for a reason. I just get curious on other users opinions and I like to see art work made with the program. I also get curious on what was made with the program. I dont think there is anything wrong with that in my opinion.


Heheh no, it’s not a crime as such to want to know about what stuff has been made, it’s just a concern that some people do make decisions based purely on that sort of stuff - galleries, films that use it, etc. And that is a dangerous thing to do :slight_smile:
People go “oooh aaah this program was used on such and such a film, that means that if I buy it, I can make stuff like that too”, and then they go and empty their wallets buying the software, and end up stuck because they don’t really gel with the program.

But sicne you’ve got the demos of the apps you’re interested in, you don’t fall into that catagory, so you’re safe :slight_smile:


Hey Lightwavers just passing through your zone. I noticed this little thread. It’s all about you and your goals for using a app. Lightwave can help you to reach all of your 3d goals and it is affordable. Lightwaves cost can fit quite nicely on a credit card. If your machine can handle it, check the specs, ask users here for that info. A 3d app like Lightwave may just be your next best computer upgrade. You won’t be upset with that choice. I’ve seen alot of other 3d app users complain about this or that issue. But lightwavers are happy for the most part. And Newtek has a huge gallery that shows you what Lightwave can do. Hope that helps you make a choice. We want to see you select something so that you can start rendering some cool 3d scenes for us to gaze upon.

That’s what we love best about cgtalk the renders.

Hey, this month Newteks Lightwave offer is tempting. That is a hot deal. I’ll wait until I see what they come up with for ver. 8.

Back to my lurking.


YAY! I’m getting lightwave. I finnally have been fooling around with the program and I already know some keyboard shortcuts. I have been making simple low-poly human bodies already. I am mainly using bevel tools and sub-patching. But I am using Lightwave on a PC I dont own and haven’t been able to test it on my mac. I hope the same keyboard shortcuts are there and that it acts good on my mac.


The Mac version uses exactly the same keyboard shortcuts, but if you only have a single button mouse, you need to hold down the Apple/Command key to emulate the right mouse button…



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