Games Convention 04 - Leipzig cgtalk gameartists there ?


Well, it hasnt got something to do with gameart directley but I thought I would get the most responses here. :slight_smile:

Well, are any gameartists here that will be going there to ?
If yes, we could all meet up and have a chat :slight_smile:


this might sound stupid… but what convention?


games (as seen in titel of this thread)

for the interested


I wont be going considering I live in Canada and dont speak german.


Last year the G|C were really nice, though i played nearly no game - had to take care of a girl :wink:

I’m not sure, if i can afford it again. Last year i payed 50€ for the hotel (3days for only 50€ and the GC was only 3km away) and 21€ for entry and ~55€ for train. I don’t think i can get something as cheap as that again, especially because i have nearly no money left.
But let’s see, with some luck i’m there again. Maybe we can manage something like a (small) communitymeeting. :slight_smile:


I mean do you exspect americans to travel all the way 2 europe? I mean its very good question if some of you might be there that would be another reason to go there but I do not think so at all :slight_smile:

Id have to pay 170 euro for train and that is simply a lot! Thats why Im not coming,


do you think I´m that stupid Dieblein … sure I don´t expect americans to come over, but I´ve been on theese forums for a while now and I know that there are a few german users here and thats why I posted this thread.


not to forget the austrians…


Habe keine Nerven um mich drum zu kümmern wegen Crunch Time, würde aber sonst gern hin.


Well you can count me in thats for sure and since im living in
Germany and of curse can speak german (sollten da also keine
Probleme in punkto Verständigung aufkommen), so see you there.

Greetz Fox Mc Cloud



rikki and fox we´ve got to meet up.


guess i gotta go freediving instead of meeting 2.5 million fat little kids whose parents are happy to get rid of them by sending them there!
not you guys! i mean the little fat kids… brrrrrrr…
enjoy it!


I’d loved to come but “unfortunately” I’m in vacation at that time, maybe next year :wink:


shit m8 but we´ve got to meet up somehow anyway.

Well doesnt matter I´ll probably be very busy anyway.

Thx to the mods for letting this thread run on


well, i’ll be there on saturday - standing around at our booth laughing at all those creepy little kids that run around trying to get something for free and taking photos of all those almost naked atari-girls…just like last year…


see you there :slight_smile:



hi, i will come from berlin at saturday. Last year i wasnt there…holidays…but the year before and it was not bad, so this year some people from “morgen studios” will be there :wink:



morgen-what? just kidding…see you on monday :slight_smile:




2 more days to go :slight_smile:

I´ll see you guys in the buisnessarea. I´m the guy trying to hook up with the girls :wink:

feel free to walk up to me and bop me on the back of my head if you would like to hear me bullshit about gameart :wink:

Maybe you guys know a good place where we could meet up, if you want, and have a drink and chat. First time there for me so if you´ve been there before suggest a place

— if not I´ll be waiting for that hit on the back of the head :wink:


as far as our planning is concerned, we are hanging out at messehalle 2, stand k/21 on saturday. there should be 4 guys around from morgen-studios…so you’ll don’t really have to wait for us to slap you on the back of your head…you’ll probably find us. you’ll get the slap for free when you stand in front of us :wink:
and don’t be worried: there are enough booths selling loads of beer so the “drink-thing” is not at all a problem :wink:




And what about this year? :smiley: I’m there for three days and hope to see and play a lot.
Last year I’ve visited a bunch of presentations. They had a workshop in 3DSM and explained how “Demos” are made. It was REALLY interesting:thumbsup: