Gamedec - City, Marcin Jakubowski (2D)


Title: Gamedec - City
Name: Marcin Jakubowski
Country: Poland
Software: Flash, Photoshop

Hi all,
Here is a promotional poster for Gamedec universe created by SF writer Marcin Przybylek. I tried to capture the retro feeling of the illustration. It was quite hard to control the composition with such a mass of elements. Anyway I hope it’s easy to look at it.
Painted in Photoshop and sketches in Flash.


Amazing work my friend! No crits from me, just keep rocking the tablet :smiley:


top lighting,design and rendering, really awesome work!


This is more a great work! Fabuleux!


WOW! Fantastic!


Masterpiece! Great depth and coloring! Front page material for sure… :beer:


Great painting! You controlled the composition perfect! Keep it up!


I have no words! Amazing! The concept, the composition, the technique, all is perfect. Masterpiece, no doubt! FIVE STARS :beer:


amazing work and detail. Very well done me thinks!


This is one of the best images I’ve seen at CGS for a looooong time. Absolutely stunning, stunning work Marcin. From the light, to the composition, to the design, it is perfect. Well done!! Phil


Oh, wow!
It’s really glad to read that the image has such a positive reception.


Awesome work, as always!! Bravo!


outstanding work!.its got that old sci-fi book cover feel to it,looks very classic with a great composition & colors.well done!


sweet! - love the subtle texturing on those foreground elements


Awesome work!!! I have no words for this one :bowdown:


wonderful work marcin

great mood and pose



Wow, very impressive work, I´d like to see your work process. :applause:


Strong composition and lighting that demands attention. Colors and Design are rockin. Sweet work Marcin!


Very, very cool! I love the retro look and feel of this, it’s particularly apparent in your colour scheme, and not just your designs. Your brushwork is really nice, especially around the center of the image - I particularly like the way you’ve painted highlights on the structure behind him, and your subtle colour variations on the surface of that structure too. You have a very strong composition as well. It’s an image that really beckons to the viewer to come in and investigate the story.



very nice :slight_smile: