game resource: generic model & animations & textures to share



I have an idea about some kind of “generic” model which could be animated and textured and used in several games. The main idea would be to first of course create a model (maybe near 2000 polys) and create a texture mapping for it. After that - people could do several animations for the model and update the model so that others could also get those animations in use. Others might prefer doing different textures and yet again: upload these textures to others to use.

Finally we would have
-generic model near 2000 polys
-several animations for the model (and increasing all the time)
-several textures for the model (and increasing all the time)
-maybe another (female) model?
-updates, updates, updates :slight_smile:

I think this would definetely help many gamer’s to use fantastic character to their game - and if you lack the skill for modeling you could simply do animations or texturing or if you don’t know how to texture then you could do the modeling/animations. What do you think? Any idea on this?


I think you’re on to something, but one question, boywonder:

“Why would people do this?”
“What would the generic model be used for?”

You may have already explained, as it seems that you’ve thought this out pretty well, I just don’t really understand what uses the generic model would pose to modellers, animators, and texture artists…

I might can make a generic model, though I would really like to know what you’re wanting to accomplish with this project…


that was actually at least two questions :wink:

Well, main idea was: “people could do several animations/textures for the model and update the model so that others could also get those animations/textures in use”

so, if you can do the model and others are willing to share we would soon have model with variety of animations/textures.

This “project” is to benefit us all. Everyone can get the model/textures/animations freely and everyone can freely add textures/animations.

Maybe this would be handled so that before you can freely access to model stuff you must actually create one texture (or animation - or model) for the character and after that you can always grap every update there will be?

Anyway - lack of interest (as you can see… this thread contains only three posts and two of them are written by me) has huge affect to the scale of the project… hopefully people get interested in this.


Do you want me to make a generic model?

I can host the file on my site, and put a link here, so others can use it and add on, and so on…

What kind of generic model do you want to see?


Well, as this is a collaborative working I’d first like to hear more interested voices… but if you can do the model that would be superb. I’m simply looking for “ordinary” male character (like for example Max Payne guy) which has possibilities to different kind of texturing.

Also one little trick needs to be done:
Guy must have several tiny blocks attached to him (like both hands) so that he can pickup an object and we can attach the object (for example gun) correctly. There should be blocks at least in:
-both hand palms
-back (for backpack?)
-belt (for sword?)
(can you think of something else?)


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