Game Related Project?


I’m looking for a game related project. I’ve been getting rusty from slacking off in Max. I need something to do after 5pm. If anyone knows of anything let me know. Send me a PM or email me. I’m also subscribed to this thread so if you know of anything you can post it here too.

I’m not interested in pipe dream projects. Serious projects only please.


Hey Will,

I like the criteria you have set forth in your proposition. I’m looking to make some practical ideas happen as well, God knows I have enough of them. What kind direction are you looking toward? I couldn’t find much information on your site.



Well lately I’ve been playing with Crysis and Sandbox 2. I probably have about 1200 hours in SB2 and more games are being released on the Crytek 2 engine this year. I doubt there will be a better graphics / physics engine on the market for some time. The point is it should be the best engine to display some good modeling / texture techniques. At the moment I’m working on some characters and have a rough story line. Nothing concrete or organized. I was hoping to join a group but if you are somewhat interested I’d be willing to donate some bandwith and storage to the cause. I’ve registered a mod team name over at CryMod. But due to the summer rush people pulled out due to lack of time.

Check the announcements.

If there is interest I’ll build a quick and dirty site to make the thing official. Sorry it looks like crap but I do HTML, PHP, Java, etc. all day long and can’t wait to sit down and do some MAXScript when I get home.

I am open to other suggestions as well. That is my two cents.


That all sounds good. I have several very willing (mostly capable) students and artists who I am in contact with here in Portland. I am interested in relaying your message to some of my connections and getting a little inertia generated. It would be good to see some documentation so that we could asses what the scope of the project will be.

send a mail to so we can take a better look at what you’re doing.

I little about what I would like to get involved with;
-everything that you mentioned (crytek/sb2)
-character animation/ action
-emergent gameplay
-human bodies flying through the air
-cleaner graphics as opposed to fancy graphics
-physics based animation and gameplay
-mini games that are cohesive with the overall design

Let me know what kind of time frame you are looking at and all that stuff


I little about what I would like to get involved with;
-everything that you mentioned (crytek/sb2)

-character animation/ action

-emergent gameplay
– Really depends on player style

-human bodies flying through the air

-cleaner graphics as opposed to fancy graphics
– Elaborate

-physics based animation and gameplay
– Built into the CryENGINE 2

-mini games that are cohesive with the overall design
– Sounds good but you’ll need to know some XML, C++, Action Script, and LUA

I know XML, Action Script, and enough LUA to create new assets.

I can’t get my hands on Scaleform though. They never responded to my 3 requests for the demo. (It’s used for the GUI’s.) Maybe someone else will have luck. The site seems to be re-done a little I may try myself again soon.

Let me know what kind of time frame you are looking at and all that stuff

There is no rush. Although it would be nice to have a few people involved that are willing to spend 20+ hours a week on it. Given that: Something by next Christmass? My biggest problem has been getting people with the hardware requirements and keeping them involved once they realize it isn’t easy. I know how it is though I’ve only been putting about 10 hours a week into character modeling lately.

Anyway I’ll work on the site this weekend.


Hi guys!

I also would be interested in joining a team, especially if your all considering using the Cryengine 2. Like supremepizza I have put an excessive amount of time into the editor. I have been apart of the modding scene for it since the beta and have frequently worked with people on and other cryengine geared communities.

The only thing is my schooling situation. I am currently a student at Fullsail and if any of you are familiar with the school you probably have heard how 60+ hours of classes and work is almost to be expected. Luckly, this month and next month only have one class so should be about half the workload but after this nice break classes get crazy again. Either way I am interested to see if I could help out at least off and on.

Any ideas on what the project would be based around? Story and all that?



The school situation is understandable, I am attending ITT Tech for a similar degree. I don’t know if a 1-2 month window will be sufficient for the duration of development, but that doesn’t mean that the contribution that you can offer is not welcome.

Story has not been established from what I understand, I am hoping that the story is defined only as far as it justifies the gameplay.


Sounds great guys. I’ve put about 10 hours into the site so far. Nothing is live yet. I could use a header. So if you or someone you know is creative, throw together a header (no larger than 1024 wide) and try to stay proportional to the header on this site. Flash is fine… or not. Just try to keep the bitrate as low as possible.

You know the theme I hope. CrySystems vs. Humans.

We’re going for an atmosphere somewhat like this

Use no-one’s intellectual property. This is all origional IP, so pretty much any cool idea is a good idea.



So it seems that this will be a game which focuses on FPS. The link you sent has an image of the terminator. Do you plan on modeling and animating machinery? I was looking to do something creative. FPS is great, but I wonder if that is the emphasis. Let me know if you have any other examples of what you want to work on.

I really like FPS’s but I would rather apply the engine to things that generate new experiences for users.

Of course, the goal is to do both; combine fps (and other known favorites) with dynamic player scenarios (which tend to be either fortunate experiments, or lost causes). Let me know how you guys feel about this.


Both… I was talking about the atmosphere which hopefully will not be static in any way. We can do mountains, beaches, cities, and forests as well as interiors on any single map with this engine. Creative means so many different things to different people. If this is to be a colaborative effort evereyone needs their creative freedom. Like anything entertaining there needs to be some kind of pace that draws you in and gets you involved in the story.

“dynamic player scenarios
which tend to be either fortunate experiments, or lost causes”

After some considerable thought and discussion with others I came up with a rough plot line.

My personal thoughts on a starting scene would be a biology class discussing the alien biology from the vanilla game, he and her, giving each other the eye across the classroom. Yadda yadda… all hell breaks lose then you have to chose one of the characters. Him or her. You don’t even start with a weapon or any biotics. Every cybernetic upgrade you chose to install that enhances your combat effectiveness takes away a part of what makes you human. Bla bla… which effects the relationship between the two characters when they meet up later in the story. Which hasn’t been developed.

General Plot:
After repelling the aliens, Crytek Automated Systems has begun hostilities against humans and is taking up defensive positions near mineral rich resources. As you progress you must chose which cybernetic implants to have installed and how much humanity you will retain.

Which is easily marketable and compelling. It also picks up easily from where I’m guessing the expansion will leave us.

Sort of a combo of RPG and FPS where the player can chose several paths and story lines which adds to replay value. I’d also like to give them the ability to chose male or female characters. And yes I was hoping there would be some FPS multiplayer maps developed but that’s up to the individual artist.

So short answer is yes in the latter stages of the game I had envisioned CryBorgs. This is all open for criticisim and debate though. In the earlier stages of the game I was thinking (again just a thought). You know how, when you enter a vehicle in the game, there is the Cry Systems popup in the HUD? The Cry Systems Hub would be taking control of existing vehicles. Which would help us out with our current shortage of manpower in the modeling department.

Since you’ve been in the sandbox you know there are tons of possibilities to develop along any plot line and be outrageously creative.

Which brings us to the “projected date of completion”. I was thinking mid 2010 after Crysis II is released. Which is when we’ll really need to be on the ball to keep compatibility with the new release. That gives everyone enough time to submit what they can with the time they have available.


Come on in. The door is open.


Good. I will address this stuff with my thoughts later this week. I like the time line by the way, seems realistic.


I need names and websites/home pages of those getting involved or who plan to get involved. I want everyone involved to get personal exposure on the web as well as team exposure. You can drop the info here, send me an email, post in the forums in the mod section (not created yet sorry), or send me a PM. If you/they don’t have a personal info page to link to then attach the info and I’ll create a page with their info on it. Obviously it would be better for them if they had control of their own info but I’m happy to post the info within the team site in the team style.


Well i guess ill add my comments to this. If there is one thing ive seen in previous games is they lack the haze effect. I know i sound retarded but just look at UT3 and such, they have this ambient distortion that makes the environments look so much better (for some awkward reason lol) and another thing using the cryengine 2 can lower the amount of people who are capable of playing this game due to the hardware requirements even in 2010. On my last note i as a gamer believe the environment is the most important quality of a game. An example is stalker clear sky 1000s of glitches but the environment draws the gamer in. The halo series is another, repetitive gunplay but really nice environments they are different every level and very … well pretty looking. level designs that become to repetitve are games such as gears of war, though the game looks amazing fighting in the same evironment can get boring! sorry for rambling on i hope all goes well with your game and good luck!


Thanks for your comments steammonkey. I’ll try to address them the best I can.

The choice to use this engine is pretty clear.

Best of E3 2008
Game Developers Choice 2007 - (before they worked most of the bugs out)
Best of 2007 - Gamespot
Game Critic’s Award 2007
GC 2007 Best Game

Dolby 5.1
Parallax Occlusion Mapping
HDR textures
Dynamic Ambient Lighting
Dynamic Soft Shadows
Subsurface Scattering
Soft Particles
Object Motion Blur
Depth of Field Blur
3D Ocean Tech

We’ve addressed that with a forked storyline which should develop better than Mass Effect. (see above posts)



The storyline and scenario that you have presented seems good. I don’t have a very deep understanding of the Crytek world, so there are areas which may need some clarification.

It makes sense to define a physical scope for the game through the storyline. We can easily relegate the game through some method of isolation by imposing either geographic constraints (an island or a mountain range), or story elements (quarantine, economic/geopolitical/territorial borders).

The beginning of the story seems like a great fork to define player options for a story path. We might consider the tools that can be used to convey unique abilities the a player will inherit as a result of the gender/character selection;

[li]internal dialogue inferring possible skills[/li][li]glimpses into the character’s school bags which will indicate daily activities, strengths, weaknesses, story-line, preferences[/li][li]external dialogue amongst classmates and teachers[/li][li]omnipresent narrative by a 3rd party of observers which analyzes the character traits (CAS intelligence reports)[/li][/ul] An acceptable introduction to gameplay mechanics and scenarios can occur after the initial disruption in the character’s lives. The disaster scene can include sandbox/environment manipulation, fps and rpg elements.

“You know how, when you enter a vehicle in the game, there is the Cry Systems popup in the HUD? The Cry Systems Hub would be taking control of existing vehicles. Which would help us out with our current shortage of manpower in the modeling department.”
I’m not sure what this example implies. Are you saying that AI has control of the vehicles? Anyway elaborate on the thing, because I would love to find ways to get the game working for us.

Regarding the haze; I’m not for spending time on things that don’t immediately add to the gameplay. If we have a solid system of gameplay in effect, then it should be easy to implement the haze effect after the fact.

I don’t have a personal site up and running that will really add to this project, but I am all for establishing a wiki which will be used for documentation and development.

Some of the main goals that I have are as follows;

[li]establish a tentative roster of contributors[/li][li]model a realistic framework for workload placement and scheduling, that is also extensible based on the contributor skillset and headcount[/li][li]create a couple maps which consider asset utilization and gameplay mechanisms[/li][li]character sketches, base models[/li][li]event time-line which loosely describes the story[/li][/ul] Let me know where we want to take it from here.



Wiki is a good idea. inCrysis has one at
but it’s mostly for people into development who aren’t familliar with the game. I’ll see what kind of wiki system I can come up with. I know there are some open source ones out there. I’m gonig to be slacking off a bit this week though. I got really sick yesterday and spent the day in the hospital emergency room and my kids are comming over tomorrow for the weekend. I’m not where I wanted to be at the moment but I’ll do my best to catch up to speed next week. I start McKay’s class on the 9th so I’m going to be short on time then too. I did get one asset ready for gameplay but it is only the low poly version. It’s an 8 story building, very low poly and all quad-gons. I use quads mostly because I like to port over to ZBrush2 for my detail. I may give Mud Box a shot just to get my mind wrapped around it. It’s supposed to support multiple levels of detail in a single model somehow and I beleive you’re able to bake all your normals from the high poly down to the low mid etc. within Mud Box as long as you already have your UVs unwrapped before porting over to it from Max. I’m still working on the female character. I plan to spend the better part of the next few months on her and bounce over to architecture when I need a break.

I can get vehicles to go on a path and behave etc. within Sandbox. That’s all flow chart stuff and is fairly easy though a little tricky to program your brain to think in the same way as the flowchart works. A word for the wise. If you go digging into the Sandbox save often and backup when baking in your materials after applying paint. It artifacts often and can’t be undone. Another biggie is, don’t use rigid bodies in a map you plan to make use of for multi-player. So if you’re planning out a multi-purpose map do the multi-player version first then add all the rigid bodies after you finish the multiplayer section. It hangs you at the spawn point for some reason.

How does “Strangle Hold” sound for the mod name? Victory! just sounds too corny for me. I’ll change that immediately this weekend. I also need to get the forum section finished for the mod as well. That is where I had planned to be before my stay at the hospital.

About the game flow… I’m not going to tell anyone how to deal with stuff but I planned to use waypoints to designate where enemy concentrations would be. That is usually enough to get people to go in the direction you want them to go. Islands are also a good device but can be overdone to some extent. For every island created for a Crysis mod a little bunnie dies. I’m still struggling with a geographical location. I like Colorado due to its terrain but there aren’t any trees made for that geographic location. On the other side of the coin there are tons of DEMS for reference. We need someone with some tree plugins to speed that part up. I know of a couple I can think of I’ve used the demos on but I can’t remember what they are at the moment. I first thought of the US as a location to keep it multi-ethnic. Any thoughts?

Oh and I’ve brought in a screen wrighter for some dialogue. He likes the idea but needs time to get accustomed to the story line since he hasn’t played Crysis. Enough blathering for one day. He can also do some foley stuff to in his spare time.

Good talkin to ya.


Okay so I accidentally sent my reply to your message to "" and so I have been waiting for a reply back and I went and read what I wrote last time to make sure that I hadn’t said something offensive and I found out that I sent it to the wrong address, hopefully we can pick up after this long gap in communication

This is the original message from October 2nd
Busy busy busy.

[li]About the wiki; I have been using this method of project management for a little while now, and I find that it’s the easiest way to quickly and efficiently document things where everyone can easily access them. I have been using pbwiki, and it’s never let me down. It’s free, hosts 10megs, supports plug-ins, and provides a way for members and non-members to access information without requesting it. The sooner that we get a repository working for storage of documentation, progress and assets the sooner we will be able to attract others to the production based on merit.[/li][li]Modeling, Zbrush, Mudbox; Some screen shots of the building would be nice. Which app are you using for general asset generation? I am most comfortable in Max, but have enough experience in Maya to know what’s going on over there too. Z-Brush is hands down better for character creation. Nothing wrong with Mudbox, either one will get the job done.They both support multiple levels of detail, but then so does Maya/Max. I will be taking the Z-Brush class at the end of the month through CG Society, so I will have a lot more to say about it at that point. I have a little more experience with solid modeling than organic, but I love both of them so it’s no worries there.[/li][li]I don’t where you got “Strangle Hold” from, it sounds cheesy, but if that’s what we’re going for then I can understand. I’m of the opinion that the the title should be something esoteric to the game’s content. Something that doesn’t hold relevance until you have progressed through the game. It is pretty common that games will put there best foot on the cover of the game and depend on the hype to supplement the content of the game. I’m pretty open to the direction you want to take the style, but whatever you have in mind, it should be clearly communicated so that we can better accomplish “x”.[/li][li]I like the waypoint idea. Focusing enemy volume in areas is always good to give the player an eye for the prize. This brings me to my main focus; why are we making the game? Why are there waypoints? Why any of this? I think that we can come up with a lot of good reasons that will justify the game. The important thing is that our reasons provide great motivation for the functionality of the game, and that the functionality only compliment the game. So as an example (I’m going to pick on the waypoints), what reason do the enemies have for gathering in points on the map? What reason do the protaginists have for risking their lives? I’m not sure if this has been defined yet.[/li][li]I like the DEM usage. Has that been done before? I’m sure it has but it seems like a great idea. I’m down for Colorado or something like that. A tree plug-in shouldn’t be a problem at all. I can understand how the use of an island would be a bit cliche’d after watching some of the Sandbox demos.[/li][li]I am involved with a studio that provides services for game design, by the way. Lucid Studios is basically a place for beginners to learn about what it means to get a project done, so we can shoot basic things their way (props, topo-retouching, basic textures, etc) if that’s something you’re interested in.[/li][li]That’s great that you have a writer involved, I would like to take a look at some of his work to get an idea of what we’re working with.[/li][/ol]
Let me know what you think. Give the word and I will start a wiki up so that we can document and monitor our progress.


I’m taking the zbrush class through cgsociety right now (it’s great by the way)
Also I found a great tutorial on pixologic’s website ( that demonstrates how to generate solid body models like architecture.

Get back to me and let me know your status so we can keep making progress.



Good luck in the class I wish I could afford that one but I have my hands full in McKay’s FumeFX class at the moment. That has put alot of things on the back burner for now. I’m also slammed hard at work but that can’t last for too much longer. I have 4-5 weeks left in class and work should be ok by then as well and I’ll have more time to attend to the project.

About the wiki:
I’m very skeptical about a public wiki being hosted by someone else. Isn’t there a module I can drop into the site? And about that… In the medium term I’m going to do a sub-domain but in the long term as things pick up I wouldn’t mind moving to a seperate domain. I’ve also been looking at game engines …

The Emergent engine might be an alternative with a well documented mod pipeline. I’ve seen the new Emergent physics and hit location system and I’m really impressed. Not to mention it scales along several interconnected story lines very well and has a built in “reputation” and leveling system. That will drive the RPG guys nuts more than the CryEngine. I’ve seen the newest version playing Fallout 3 and I’ve been more impressed than I thought I could be with it. It has come a long way since Oblivion and that was no slouch.

I’ll address your other thoughts as soon as I have some more time.



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