Game Project: Track and Field : 3D Models



I have started working on anther project that will be a sort of Track and Field game. I’m still in the planning stages so I don’t have anything to show you, but I need one or more 3D modeler(s) and somebody that could do some animating.

Major things I will need made are a Track\Stadium and people.

Anybody interested please PM me or write to

Thank you very much for reading



I hear you need a stadium modeled, and I can help, sort of

I’m not a modeler, but I know there’s a really, really cool design for this stadium I seen, and maybe I can get some reference pics for the modeler…

can you explain some more, please? what is the purpose of “track and field” ? is there races or soemthing?



oh sorry by saying Track and Field I mean primaraly the running events in the Track and Field competitions. (like the Olympics)

I probably will have a few running events at first and hopefuly will make some Field events (throwing, Jumping …) at a later time.


hmm I can suggest one thing to you.

finish ALL the preliminaries to your idea.

then come back with a plan.

you have got to be orginized.


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