Game on mental health looking for 2D artist


Hi I’m Edouard.

I recently completed, on my own, the “Left 4 Dead 2D” game that you can try out on Google Play here.
I did the graphics myself, which honestly look terrible. No hate, I’m a developer :slight_smile:

I am now in the early stages of a new commercial 2D game concerning mental health and would like a 2D artist to help me out with the graphic design. This type of game is, I believe, brand new. There would really be nothing like it on the market.

I am looking for a beginner here. No need to be a big hotshot, I need a couple of things that you can take your time to create.

The game is basically this. It’s a sorta visual novel where the player sees the thoughts of the main character, let’s call him Joe, throuhought the day. Every morning/lunch break/night, joe will stop to meditate a bit and this is where the gameplay happens. During the meditation, thoughts keep coming and going while some of them are more anchored and stuck in Joe’s mind. It is the players’ job to investigate those thoughts to encover their reason and unblock them. As the player unblocks thoughts, the life of Joe becomes happier and his thoughts follow more of a natural flow. The game ends when the player unblocks all of Joe’s blocked thoughts.

The game would need (still in brainstorming and prototyping stage):

  • very small number of characters (2-3 in the entire game)
  • those characters in multiple settings (home, park, work, bedroom)
  • not much animations for characters
  • animated thought bubbles that vary in style to represent the emotions linked to them (anger, sadness, excitement, calm) and how heavy or light they are.

If you’re interested contact me, I don’t bite :smiley:


Hi i’m wan from malaysia, do you still lookin for game artist? i m interested in this project. this is my email

and this is my portfolio link for ur reference.

looking forward to ur response