game of starcraft, lin zhao (3D)


Title: game of starcraft
Name: lin zhao
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Title: game of starcraft
Name: lin zhao
Country: china
Software: 3ds max,photoshop,zbrush

Hey guys!!

This is a realtime scene,part of prevue for star craft II .But I made some changes.Zbrush was used for sculpting the details of high poly,max for creating the low poly ,gneerating normal maps and ao maps,and photoshop to texture it.It was used 30000 polygons to do the models and 6 testures.I hope the works transition to another style just like a space capsule,and I used some other ways to perfect.

I hope you enjoy the image!!


that texturing is awsome m8, and i love the mood, good job, 5*


Great job but I think you have anti aliasing problem.


Great mood & lighting! Wonderful texture work.


cool texture work here Keep it


I remember watching SC intro gob smacked… amazing work. Could you please share your knowledge and show us more. Maybe some textures/light setup etc:)

Thanks in advance


wonderful texture and lighting. excellent.


Gread mapping room in 3ds max, only the Pipes overlap on the Textur but the mood and Texturing is excellent, hope we can in future more see from your wunderfull Master mapping.


great job , lighting and material looks very nice and true.
I like this


Very good:thumbsup: ,I like it very much


I should like to be able to see that the pictorial detail


This is another some pictures,They are made in the 3ds MAX,Are respectively Lowpoly/Highpoly,And baking normal map/Ambient occlusion map. Share to everyone,Thank you for your support.

This is the final realtime lowpoly mechanical arm:


I like the whole gritty look of the scene. I wonder if this is what is actually in a Barrack,


Thank you very much for your support,Below are some of the other Angle screenshots:



real time looks that good now? the smoke is post work or real time as well?


The fog is realtime.


well the entire scene is fantastic gave you a love it


.I like this, lighting and the material looks good, really.


Thanks man!!!Thanks for supporting!:beer:


Yo! Nice stuff but…I’m not an expert when it comes to 3dmax, but i’m sure that even max has options for higher sampling/jitter, if I were you I’d spend some time finding that button, it must take less time than building the scene :slight_smile: