Game MOD: NeoShock (HL2)


Neoshock is an amateur/volunteer project with some seriously talented people who got lost and stumbled into our team. Accepted applicants will NOT be paid for their work. However, we are still looking only for serious applicants who are willing to commit.

Scroll down for Neoshock-related media! For more information about Neoshock, please visit our website at

Recruiting for Cinematic Team:
Animators: Humanoid biped animations, machines. Generic animations. Must be able to use a lot of reference
Texture artists: Organic and mechanic. Experience with photographic texturing is a bonus.
Particle engineers: Applicants must be familiar with either maya or max and need to be able to simulate fire and smoke (“explosion phenomina” ie. dust and sparks)
Lighting specialists: Applicants must be able to use renderers such as brazil or mental ray, possibly v-ray. Photo-realistic lighting with GI and natural shadows.
Physics engineers: Must be able to set up rigid body dynamics and cloth simulation systems. Must use a lot of reference. Must be able to get precise results when working with rigid body dynamics. Must be able to work with fracture systems. Models will be provided. High end system and familiarity with realflow is a bonus.

Recruiting for Development Team: Animators, level designers, texture artists (character skinners, ZBrush project painters, and environmental/weapon textures), 2D Digital Artists, writers, experience coders.

Potential Applicants must be willing to sacrifice a significant amount of fragging and partying every week (4-20 hours) to work on the project upon release of SDK.

About the Neoshock Project
If you were to go to our website, the first thing you would notice is that Neoshock is more like a complete game than a simple modification. The range of content and detail we are planning is simply immense, and our design document is as outrageously ambitious as it is expansive. In fact, we like to view Neoshock as a complete universe, an alternate reality that has been growing and maturing for quite some time. In the world of Neoshock exists a broken civilization, shattered by the realities of a chaotic past and driven by the insatiable lust that defines humanity. Under its sky lies a society of order on the edge of chaos, a time of tentative growth, the stretching of limbs only just healed, and the spark of a new hope. The soaring towers of young cities stand proud as noble ideas of old are rekindled with a renewed faith. But in the shadows of these towers lie the broken ghosts of a pained past, the momentous secrets of ancient history, and the oncomming strife of an unknown future…

The story of Neoshock is the story of humanity, an experience that touches the political, the spiritual, the philisophical, the romantic, and the emotional. It is a story of struggle that speaks of heroes in a world of a thousand factions, the immensely profound movements of powerful organizations, and the unity of a race against a tidal wave of unstoppable change. This is the story and world that we have created, and the one we want gamers to experience.

The Game
The core elements of Neoshock gameplay are mostly classic design concepts that have been refined by other developers and designers in the past. However, it is the combination of these elements and integration of our own that make Neoshock Unique. The main game involves up to four teams of players consisting of any combination of the three races. Depending on the map, the teams battle each other and try to accomplish certain objective(s). The spin is that each race is completely different in terms of gameplay, strategy, and progression. Here I’ll give a quick intro to each race:

Humans: The human race is the race with the most diversity and amount of content. At the core is a team-based FPS system that emphasizes strategy and tactics through a squad-leader and commander system. Although the fundamental elements of the human playstyle are geared towards realism, the pace and chaos-factor of human play is increased dramatically through all sorts of futuristic equipment, vehicles, and weapons.

Aliens: Players on an alien team manifest themselves in the game as Overlords. Overlords are flying physical entities in the game that can infest objects and locations, spawn alien eggs, and control soldiers. As an overlord, the gameplay style is similar to that of an RTS game without resource management. Although there is a lot of choice in terms of evolutions and spawning, the players job will be more focused on making those choices than executing them. Micro-management is available, but intelligent soldier AI controllable by “global thought strains” are to be the cornerstone for combat strategy.

The AI: Ever played Slave Zero? It’s a game where you play a giant robot and your job is to basically run around and blow stuff up. This is the freedom that we want to offer to AI players. The key to our AI gameplay is a system where the player does not need to worry about overall strategy and the big picture. Each player plays a single AI soldier class and is assigned orders by a game AI. Thus, the player can concentrate on his objective and its execution. To make it interesting, the AI is given quite a range of special abilities such as the ability to take a bite out of any object and process it as resources, transformations, and of course, lots of firepower!

Why join our team?
So why would you want to work so hard on a project for no pay? Well, for some of us, it’s about getting real experience in a professional working environment, with an oppurtunity to advance our skills alongside professionals currently employed in the Gaming, Television, and Cinema industries, and with experienced developers who have worked on modications such as Natural Selection. However, I think most of us take part of this project because we believe in it, because we believe in the vision I started out with and the reality we are molding from it. We do our best because we can, and we draw satisfaction and a sense of achievement from both our own work and also the collective team effort that is the project. Although it seems like we are asking for a lot, it is also true that by giving more, you will receive more… and since we all think this way, the Neoshock Dev Team is an even greater team because of it.

I want to apply!!
If you have any questions about us or you have concerns about your potential membership, don’t be afraid to apply first! We’ll sort it out later in a one-on-one conversation. Please send your applications to: and include samples!


“Neoshock: Looking for Animators, Texture Artists”

“Neoshock: Recruiting Animators, Texture Artists”

“Neoshock seeks CG director”

“Game Mod: Neoshock - looking for animators and modelers for cinematics”

“Game mod: Neoshock”

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I would be happy to answer any questions about our project or the actual game, just post here.


hiya… you guys have come quite a ways so far and are looking good. :thumbsup:


Thanks a bunch softdistortion, we still have a render of your model up at our site :slight_smile: Know what? I’ll just post it here:


hehe… do appreciate you’re showing some small gratitude for the help you get…some forget you soon as you do their mesh :hmm:
BTW, did you get it rigged/animated? Would really like to hear how you guys make out with HL2 once it is released. :thumbsup:




bump, now looking for an experienced coder, writers, and environemental concept artists.



To clarify, we are looking for texture artists that will be able to work on unwrapped models in photoshop, and we are also looking for a ZBrush specialist who is able to project paint onto sculpted models like the one above. We are in need of both types of texture artists, so if you are a person with talent in this area please apply to




Bump, once again I’d be happy to answer any questions you guys have. And if you would like to arrange a voice or text-message meeting to talk about our project and policies please feel free to shoot me an e-mail @


Hey everyone, still looking for the above positions!

HLFallout Interview with Paul Wilkinson, Director of CG, and PinFX, Project Lead & Game Designer.


It’s lame that no one has responded to your thread except a guy who’s done a model for ya. :stuck_out_tongue: Anywho, looks like you guys are doing a good job. Keep it up. :slight_smile:



wish you did get more support in CGTalk, but the low volunteer qoutient is part of the scene here I’m afraid (cept for a few AWESOME collab teams in here) .
I’d still like to be in contact with you guys even though I have bit off BIG chunk of other projects. :wink:


To all applicants that were unable to apply to my e-mail:

We have been having technical difficulties due to the fact that our host and all of its network sites were taken offline. However, we have now moved over to hosting that is paid for and controlled by us so this will never happen again. Please resend your applications to my e-mail: and sorry for the inconvenience.


Bump! We’re still looking for team members :slight_smile:

Right now we could really use the help of a talented texture artist and someone who is interested in creating concepts and more polished promotional art pieces in photoshop. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us out!


Half-Life 2, scheduled for release on NOVEMBER 16th, 2004!


bump, UNAC Cinematic Model: apply and paint it today!


As many of you are most likely already aware of, HL2 was released two days ago on the 16th of November. We are impatient to get started, and are of course playing the game like mad.